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Hey all! I’ve been out of it since last week but am back now to pop in! 🙂 So how is everything going?

This month for me has been hell reading wise. I had three review books that I had one hell of a time getting through — a painful time, and it really cut into the rest of my reading time.

I finished Nora Roberts first book in her new series, Morrigan’s Cross.

I did enjoy it and I’m going to be really interested in reading Cian’s book, which I think will be the last in the series.

The only complaint is that for some reason I didn’t feel a major connection between the h/h. When all of a sudden they decided they loved each other and needed to get married, I was thinking WTF? Where the hell did that come from? But the entire story was cute and funny, and I’ll definitely continue reading the rest of them.

Right now I”m just finishing up the first book in Cherry Adairs new series as well, although I think all three of them are already out on the shelves.

It’s good, and I”m enjoying it, I really am. But good lord Gabriel needs a frying pan to the head. The way that he continually is cold and tries to push Eden away — immediately after having hot sex with her.

The one thing I’m not understanding, and maybe I just need to look it up on her site – is I’m assuming the three stories are about the brothers, yes? And the curse? BUT if Gabriel is able to break the curse and live happily ever after with Eden, then won’t we already know that it will work for the other brothers?? OR are we just waiting till the end of the trilogy to find out if they can break it, and the two previous sets of protagonists will just live in fear ofthe curse until the third story when they break?

Am I making sense? Maybe I just need to go look it up.


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  1. Hey Valeen ;D

    Glad you liked Morrigan’s Cross. I want Cian’s story too, but I don’t like the girl with whom he’s paired up.

    by the way, how was Montreal?

  2. I haven’t read Cherry Adair since her second release – they were just too over the top for me. How about these ones? I’ve seen them and been tempted but wasn’t sure. Of course speaking of over the top I’ve loved the Crazy books so maybe I should try her again.

  3. I gotta tell ya that the H & H thing you saw in Morrigan’s Cross, also happens in Dance of the Gods. The story/plot is phenomenal which, of course, is why I will HAVE to read Valley of Silence(Will be getting that on Tuesday/Halloween).

  4. I love the Edge series of Cherry Adair. All three stories are happening at the same time which I didn’t get at first but the idea is really neat. In order for the curse to be broken forever, all three brothers must figure out how to break the curse on their own. All three must act as one kind of deal.

  5. So Morrigan’s Cross was good, eh? I’ve been wqanting to read it, but just haven’t gotten around to it what with a few deadlines coming up. The Cherry Adair series sounds interesting. As far as the curse on three brothers, it sounds sort of like the Three Sisters Island trilogy by Nora. Not sure if you read that one, but it’s a similar sort of plotline… they all resolve their curses one-by-one, though. 🙂

  6. I’m reading this book right now and I’m totally wrapped up in every character, SEPERATELY, Hoyt and Glenna are there but for me, it’s all about Cian…LOVE ME SOME CIAN right now!

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