Hubby and I are planning our annual “go away, be by ourselves, and have a lot of sex” trip. Really, the last part is mostly me but hubby goes along with it 🙂

See, every year we’ve been married (which will be 9 in January), we’ve taken a trip to celebrate our anniversary and go away for some alone time. Any readers out there with children will understand the importance of “alone time”. For any couples out there that have kids – I HIGHLY recommend an annual trip just for the adults. Parents need time alone to refocus on their marriage. For those readers who don’t have kids – I still recommend it. People get so wrapped up in the day-to-day stuff that they forget to focus on their relationship.

So, we were talking last night on the way home from dinner and hubby asked me why I wanted to spend the $$ and drive 8 hours to get to FL if all I wanted to do was have sex. I answered that the ambience was what was needed. We could go 3 hours away to the mountains but the “romantic” places there are cheesy – heart shaped beds and champagne glass hot-tubs – ick! I don’t want any part of that kind of cheesiness.

Well, this got me on a roll and hubby thinks I have a million-dollar idea. We want to open a chain of resorts that specialize in romantic interludes for couples without the cheese. Things like:

* Ottomans that support the body weight of two people
* Bench seats in the large showers with body sprays
* Privacy fences around the outdoor pools and hot tubs
* An outdoor shower with smooth rocks providingprivacy and places to sit and other things
* Fireplaces in several rooms – especially the bathrooms and the bedrooms (remote controlled)
* Fresh flowers and champagne
* Lots of plush, thick throw rugs in front of the fireplaces

You know – romance without the cheese. Although, I don’t envy the cleaning staff.

What do you think?


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  1. The shower thing an absolute must and I would say varying footsteps for different heights of people – you know what I mean. hahaha.

  2. Those are some great ideas! What’s gross, though, is thinking of how many people will have sex on the plush rugs in front of the fireplace. You’d better buy good ones, because your housekeeping staff would have to wash them after each couple checks out.

  3. Sounds perfect and I’m sure they already have these places … we just can’t afford them because they’re for the rich and shameless stars like Pitt/Jolie and Madonna!

  4. Perfect but I wouldn’t get on the carpet either 😉 Also, anything with tiles should have heat so there are no cold surprises! NO HEARTS!!


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