My favorite Room…


What is your favorite room? I guess a lot of people have a favorite place but I don’t want that. What is your most favoritist (yeah – I meant to put favoritist) room in your house? The room where you like to spend your time. The room where you relax and unwind. The room where you can let all the stress of the day melt away and just forget all your trouble.

A couple years ago we changed our formal living room into a library. Who uses a formal living room this day and age anyway? We never even went in there except for me when I wanted a quiet place with good light to read. So, for a long time, this was my favorite room:

Then, a couple years ago, I had a brilliant idea! My mother was basically the only person who ever used our guest bedroom. I had all my crafts and hobby stuff in a large closet (that was supposed to be a small bathroom) downstairs. I was quickly accumulating entirely too much stuff to continue to stay in that cramped little space. So, I talked Hubby into letting me convert our guest room into a hobby room for me:

My computer and all my racks of ribbon and fibers for scrapbooking

My 3 rolling carts of stamps, paints, and other embelishments for scrapbooking.

My main work table with a doctor’s stool (which I ADORE), my hanging drink holder and tash receptacle, and my cart that holds all the scrapbook paper. I even drew yardstick measurements on the edge of the table so I could have quick measuring.

My sewing/painting/hot-gluing/drying/sizzix (a scrapbook tool that makes die-cuts) table. The sign above the table is asking Hubby and daughter not to put (ie dump) anything into this room as it seems to be a” catch-all” for all the crap lying about the house.

My bookcases that have all my spare albums (the entire top two shelves – yes – I have that many and – yes – I know I have a propblem)
and all my pictures (all the plastic cases on the bottom shelf) and my camera equipment.


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  1. I can’t ever remember being so envious of a room in my life. We were in Michaels tonight for a couple of things for our Halloween party and I mentioned to my husband how I wish I had a space for all my scrapbooking stuff and card making stuff so I didn’t have to drag it out and put it away in a closet all the time. Lucky ducky girl!! What a great room!

  2. Oh. My. God.

    That is just so organized and gorgeous!! I love your library too. I think you and I have some of the same tastes (I see a wire globe in the library and I have the same Castle picture also).

    I don’t actually have a favorite room yet. Since we moved her in June I haven’t realy had time to create a space that I love. Bob seems to have hit a spaz phase and every room in the house has been touched. In the old house we would concentrate on a room, get it done and then move on.

    I think my little powder room will be one of my fav. in design once it’s finished.

    *sigh* That library 😉


  3. Wow! That’s gorgeous. I don’t scrapbook or sew but even if I don’t I can still appreciate how great it is to have all your stuff so organized and altogether like that! And I love the library too!

  4. OMGosh I love both of those rooms, the library looks so nice, warm and terribly inviting which is great in my book and that hobby room is out of this world! The bomb! Oh I love it! You lucky wench, I want a room like that!

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