My "baby" isn’t much of a baby anymore…


We went to a state park this weekend where my sister is getting married and I took some snapshots of my daughter while we were there.

This one was my favorite – the light and the colors behind her.

Another shot where she was “test posing” for us. We think we’re going to use this spot to take wedding photos for my sister.

And this has been one of my favorites of her:

I just love her eyes and her joyful smile in this one. funny thing is – she took this herself. She’s holding the camera in her left hand.

Oh, what started this whole post: she informed me this weekend that she’ll be 18 in under 200 days. UGH!!!!!! I’m not ready for that!


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  1. Oh my gosh she is so very pretty!!

    I loved my 18th year. I didn’t do anything wild but I definitely became more of myself than anything. *sigh* To have my 18 year old body again 😉


  2. Wow, your daughter is beautiful TatrD, I’m jealous of her…lucky girl, what a beauty she is, does your phone ring nonstop? Oh gosh…great pictures, just fantastic! 😉

    I have every faith that you’ll be fine when she turns the big 1 8…;)

  3. I just can’t believe she’s so grown up now. I still remember her as a baby. She is so pretty! I’ll be here for you when she does go the big 18!
    Katey Sue

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