October Reads


Another month gone by:

Barbara Freethy – Don’t Say a Word
Alexandra Benedict – Too Great a Tempation
Cherry Adair – Edge of Danger
Nora Roberts – Morrigan’s Cross
Linda Lael Miller – Deadly Gamble
Connie Brockway – Hot Dish
Tracy MacNish – Veiled Promises
Janet Chapman – The Seduction of His Wife

The BF was a first by this author for me and I did like it, I think I may borrow some more of them from the library. Surprisingly enough, this was also the first time I’ve read Linda Lael Miller – I’m not sure if this book is different from her normal routine – and I really enjoyed this one as well, I’ll be buying the rest in the series.

My favourite of the month was definitely the new Janet Chapman. I think I like her so much because its about the closest I’ll ever get to having someone writing a book concerning my area of the world. It was so neat having them talk about areas I would know (if they were real) and the fact that the family’s land bordered Canada — which is the exact same border line that I grew up on. Didn’t like that it worked out the bad guys were smuggling from New Brunswick though. LOL


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  1. It does, LOL — its the same as her other books, they are all based in Maine. But this particular family’s land is adjacent to the Canadian border and its mentioned quite often.

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