Some weekend reads


Michelle Rowen’s Bitten & Smitten

I’d heard mixed reviews on this book, some liked it and some didn’t get past the 15-page Test. I tested the book at the bookstore — it made me laugh, so I bought it. And I will say that I continued to laugh througout most of the book.

The only thing that got to me — and am I the only one who thought this? — but seriously, wasn’t there more chemistry between Sarah and Quinn than there was between Sarah and Thierry? I couldn’t for the life of me understand why they ended up together in the end. There most definitely was not enough interaction between the two of them throughout the story.

Katie MacAlister – Even Vampires Get the Blues

Again, I’d heard mixed reviews on this one. And again, I actually really liked it. Paen needed a frying pan up the side of the head throughout most of the book though – he was so self-absorbed. I was reading so quickly that I don’t think I got the full understanding of what was happening with all the otherworld beings fighting against each other — but then again, I never really do.

But still full of humour — even if Paen was dark and sexy he still needed a good slap.


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  1. even if Paen was dark and sexy he still needed a good slap.

    LOL! That just make him sounds whiny and childish. I mean, how can he be dark and sexy if he needs to get bitch slapped? LOL.

  2. He needed to be slapped because even though he was all hot for the heroine – and she gave him his soul back, she was also his Beloved — he continued to treat her like a one night stand. He pushed her away, to the point that she bartered her immortality (b/c she didn’t need it anymore without him) to save his mother.

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