Am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t give a rat’s patootie that TomKat are supposed to be married this weekend??? I don’t care what country they are in, I don’t care how many reporters are there, I don’t care what she’s wearing or how much shorter he is than she!!! Why is this front page news??? You can’t tell me this is the most important thing to report on this week.

ENOUGH already!!!

Now, on to nicer topics –
Dancing With the Stars finale is tonight. The dances in last night’s episode were fantastic. They both are so good. I must admit, I fully expect Mario to win and in all fairness – I think he’s earned it. I think he’s the best dancer this season and it was obvious from the very first week.

Although, I think Emmit is the fan favorite. Carrie Anne, the female judge, is so right when she says he’s a “man’s man” and he’s just an average guy who can get out there and shake his thang. His smile is so genuine and engaging and he is so charming. I wish they both could win.

Do you people realize that Thanksgiving is only a week away??? How did it get here so quickly? It has really snuck up on me this time!

Oh, and a bonus for all The Office fans out there. My sister found this video clip today and I’ve watched it about 5 times already. Too funny:


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  1. I only know about it from a flash on ET and I was stunned at the hype. Something about ‘The Cruise Castle’. I’m more worried that that Katie girl is being held against her will 😉


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