Holding out for a hero


I’m a hero ho.

As previously mentioned, I’ve gotten stuck on watching the old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was watching Season Four, which Angel is no longer a part of, and it just wasn’t the same for me. (although the appearance of super T-FLAC material Riley helped) Anywhoo, I decided to watch the first season of Angel. And my first instinct upon sitting through the first episode was ahhhhhhhhh.

I’m all about the heroes.

I’ve always noticed this while reading. If an author spends too much time on a heroine, I start to skim through until there’s a scene involving a hero.

And I really groan when I open up a book and find out its all done in first person, of course from the females point of view. I want to hear about the hero.

When I look back on a book, its the hero I remember. All the favourite sigh out loud quotes, all from the hero. I can remember heroes from almost every book I’ve ever read, but I very rarely remember what the heroine was like, or even who she was.


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  1. Oh, man! But Buffy is definitely worth watching for Spike. His character evolution is terrific in the later seasons (and he’s fun on Angel, after Buffy ended).

    I liked Riley, but both Angel and Spike just blew him out of the water, hero-wise.

  2. I totally agree. I find Spike to be one of the best parts of Buffy right now, at Season Four.

    Speaking of Angel though — I can’t believe they killed Doyle off! He was the best part of the show … besides Angel that is.

    Lord, I’m so far behind. haha

  3. I’m with you on this one, Val. I’m all about the men! I want a great hero, I want to know his thoughts and the reasons behind his actions. Too much woman and I get bored.

  4. I agree with Tatr and Valleen – it’s the men we read or watch these books/shows for. We already know about women because we are women – who wants to know that side. We’re curious to know the man’s thoughts!

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