Crazy Sweet


Tara Janzen
Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Dell (October 31, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 0440242797

During a secret mission gone bad, covert operator Gillian Pentycote ceased to exist. Held captive by a madman, shot full of drugs that stole her memory, Gillian survived. Now, with a new identity and nothing to lose, the woman who calls herself Red Dog has gone from bookish secretary to sizzling-hot hired gun. And she has one plan: to find the man who shattered her life and take him down for good.

Special agent Travis James has the same plan, except he has rules to follow-and using a gorgeous amnesiac as bait isn’t in them. So Travis must play a dangerous double game of his own. He knows Red Dog will do anything to lure the ultimate criminal to her side and exact revenge. But from Central America to a Colorado showdown, Travis has gotten his priorities straight. He’ll kill the bad guy, but only if he can save the beauty-and never, ever let her go….

Dear Ms. Janzen,

I believe there’s been some sort of mistake. I think your publisher has screwed up by putting the wrong blurb on the back of this book. Or maybe I got the wrong book. I think the book that I read should have a blurb that goes something like this:

During a secret mission gone bad, high maintenance socialite Honoria York, ran into some trouble. Held captive by a hot man in a bad parrot shirt, and drunk on bourbon, Honoria painted her toes. Now, with a quarter million in cash and everything to lose, the woman who calls herself Honey has gone from sorority girl to Central America delivery girl. And she has one plan: to find her sister and save the orphans.

Special agent C. Smith Rydell started out with a different plan, to get in and find a fellow agent -and a gorgeous polka dotted blonde isn’t in them. So Smith must play a dangerous game of his own, keep the girl safe but at a distance. He soon realizes Honey will do anything to get out and to her sister. But from the hotel to the sisters church, Travis has gotten his priorities straight. He’ll kill the bad guys, but only if he can save the beauty-and never, ever let her go….

And holy cow, was the story between C. Smith and Honey one wicked story so far. I’m crossing my fingers that it all continues in the same vein into the second part of their story. Because that’s exactly what this book was, a complete Part One to Smith and Honey. I hope it doesn’t bomb out in their own book like Dylan/Skeeter and Travis/Gillian did.

Seriously, what the hell happened to Travis? He bombed in this book. No personality, no balls, no nothing. Where was the dialogue and interaction between him and Gillian? And the ending?? WTF? One paragraph he’s freaking because she’s been cheating on him for the past two years and the next he’s hugging her and all is forgiven. Gillian did not morph into good heroine material, there was no love or sympathy for her. Both of these characters completely faded into the background in this story. Hell, C. Smith and Honey took up about 75% of this book, with Christian and Dylan taking up another 15% —- which only left about a measly 30 pages throughout the entire thing.


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  1. I feel compelled to point out that Cherry Adair didn’t write this book so don’t direct your wrath at her, lolol.

    That said, this is the only Crazy book I haven’t read because I wasn’t crazy (forgive the use of the word) about the direction I knew she was taking the book, I didn’t like how their story was developing at the end of the last one, and I’ve heard nothing but disappointing reviews about this book. I don’t always let bad reviews influence my decision to read, but since I already didn’t like what I was seeing, it was easy to be influenced!

  2. ops crap! Thanks for pointing that out, I fixed it. I think I had the other book on my brain at the same time.

    This book is worth reading for the story of C. Smith and Honey. I was skimming through to the parts about them for the most part, and there were alot considering they were about 75% of the book. If you aren’t expecting a love story between Travis and Gillian, look at that as the side story, then it is worth it. But not if you are looking for a great novel of danger and heat b/w T and G.

    As previously said, I am REALLY looking forward to Smith’s story. I just hope she doesn’t crash and burn out on that one as well.

  3. Ruh roh! I’ve been putting this one off, due to bad reviews. Tara Janzen, why are you forsaking me? I was so darn addicted to these books. Crazy Love was a letdown, and this ain’t sounding to good either. Day-um! And I was a Travis fan.

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