Things that make you say… WHAT?


I am currently listening to XM radio on the computer. It’s great and I know it makes me a big dork but I love their 24 hour holiday music channel. Anyway, I’m sitting here listening to it and James Taylor comes on singing a Christmas song and I happen to notice the name of the album… “October Road”. What? Why would you have Christmas songs on an album named October Road? Halloween songs I would understand but Christmas songs make no sense to me. What???

My sister doesn’t like water. WATER. How is it possible for a person not to like water? What does water taste like? NOTHING! How can you not like nothing? It’s freakin’ nothing! She also doesn’t like eggs or bologna but I guess those are understandable but water??? WATER?!?!?! What???

I saw a gift I liked in Target and called my mommy while I was there and asked her how much she loved me. Her answer? “Not very much”. What???


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  1. LMAO! I’m not a big fan of water either, I’ll drink it cause I have to but there’s so many other drinks that I’d rather drink.

    And that’s funny about your Mom. haha.

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