I’m an i-pod addict in the making!


In my last post, I mentioned I called my mom about a gift I saw in Target. That gift was a 30 gig i-pod. I talked to Hubby later that night and he agreed to buy it for me as a birthday/Christmas combo gift. For those that know me well – this is significant as I abhor combo gifts. I think I’ll save my feelings about combo gifts for a later post because I could go off on that tangent for a long, LONG time. Anyway…

Hubby agrees to get this for me and my mom is going in on some of the accessories (car adapter and some other things I want and that list keeps growing). I talk hubby into letting me open it NOW instead of waiting for my birthday or Christmas. He says he doesn’t care but my mom will be mad (which she was but she’s over 2 hours away so what can she really do about it anyway?). Mom says I’ll be all pouty Christmas morning when I don’t have hardly anything to open. I say not as I’ll probably be listening to my i-pod to drown out the sound of my family!

So, I get it home and I stay up till after midnight that night getting some songs on it. Last night, I stayed up till after midnight again downloading and searching for songs. I didn’t even have a chance to look for free audiobooks that support i-pods. I haven’t loaded a third of my CD’s yet and I ahve over 400 songs thus far, 1 episode of The Office and over 1100 pictures.

My new dilema is all the “stuff” I want to get to go with it. I want:

* the armband so I can work out at the gym

* a carrying case

* a radio adapter where I can put it on my desk at work and listen to it (that also charges it)

* the cool Nike shox receiver that goes in your shoe that synchs up your tempo and can find songs to match it and will display speed and calories and stuff on your i-pod screen. I have the shoes and that system is only $30 more

I’m sitting at my desk at work listening to it (right now The Cranberries’ Linger is playing – LOVE this song!) and I’m thinking about what songs I will play when this one is over. Probably Josh Groban’s O’ Holy Night and then My Chemical Romance Helena (I have very ecclectic taste in music). All I want to do is sit and listen to and play with this new toy.

Do they have support groups for i-pod groupies? Are any of you like this?


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  1. I don’t have one but I want one soooo bad! Unfortunatly I also want a new watch (well actually just want one cause I don’t have any now) and a new cell phone. But after those things I want a i-pod. And I can tell you know I’d be just like you with it. lol.

  2. I love my Ipod. Definitely my favorite toy. Have you tried making playlists yet? Something for every event and mood, soundtracks for books and authors? Ok, I haven’t done those yet, but I’ve been planning them.

  3. I bought myself one as an early Christmas gift, same kind, in black, and I love it. I usually don’t splurge like that on myself, but I decided I deserve it…along with my trip to Vegas LOL. I also want the radio adapter. I just wish I would listen at work, but no go.

  4. I love my ipod, too. I keep on on shuffle constantly. Mine doesn’t keep videos, though I wouldn’t have enough space if it did. You know how many songs I’ve got on there! Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

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