Christmas is coming!!!


I love Christmas – it’s absolutely my favorite time of year. I love the music (yes – I LOVE Christmas music), I love the lights, I love the presents, I love the food, I love spending all that time with family, I love time off from work, I love the specials on tv, I simply love everything about this time of year. I also love the shopping. It’s fun to try to get that perfect gift for someone.

This weekend, we put up our Christmas tree. We have “a system” for putting up our tree. Hubby gets the tree out of the garage and brings it up along with the other decorations and then assembles the tree. I get the “fluff” all the branches which is really taking each branch and bending them straight after they’ve been crammed into a box for a year. Then, my daughter decorates the tree. Hubby puts a big wreath on the outside of our house and I put a smaller one on the front door. We hang the stockings and put a wreath over the fireplace. This year, we put up a “Christmas village” on the table in our foyer. Hubby also put up the nativity scene under thh tree.

So, about 10:00 last night we finally get everything cleaned up and all the decorations done. The tree looks great! The 3 of us just sat there for about an hour talking and staring at the tree. It’s great!

As far as Christmas shopping, I should be done today. I got most of it done last week and this past weekend. I actually make an excel spreadsheet that helps me budget how much to spend on whom and not go over my total budget. It also helps me keep track of what I bought for whom and from what stores. I carry it in an evelope along with all the receipts so I have them in case anyone needs to exchange or I find the same item at a better price somewhere else.

Yes I LOVE Christmas!!!


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  1. I love the “feeling” of Christmas … but I’m a procrastinator with buying gifts …

    It seems to come and go so fast anymore …

  2. “The 3 of us just sat there for about an hour talking and staring at the tree. It’s great!”

    Be thankful! Not a lot of families can do this!

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