I was depressed a little bit but now I’m giddy…


Hopefully you read my post a few days ago about my addiction to my new i-pod. Well, my mom made me feel REALLY guilty about already having my Christmas present so I relented, wrapped it, and put it under the Christmas tree. This was no easy task for me. Do you realize how hard it is to get a gift you adore, one you’ve wanted for almost a year, have it for a few days, and then have to give it back?!?!? It’s horribly, awfully rotten! But, there’s nothing like your mother making you feel guilty so I caved.

Why am I happy now? Last night Hubby got a new watch. The first Christmas we were married (8 years ago) we got each other nice watches. They served us well but 8 years is a long time for something you wear every single day. So last night, Hubby is waiting to get a haircut and to waste time he wanders into the jewelry store next to the hair cut place. The guy in the store comes over to help him and they notice Hubby and the salesman have the exact same watch. The salesman asks Hubby if he can buy it from him. So, Hubby walks out of the store with a new watch and the salesman has his old one.

Now, Hubby may not be the most romantic person on Earth but he is sentimental. Since we both got our watches together last time, and mine was looking pretty worn, and since he got a new watch, he wanted me to get a new watch too. So, today we were near a mall and Hubby says he wants to go in Macy’s real quick. Okay with me! We go in and he says he wants to compare prices of his watch so we head to the watch counter. He starts asking me if I like this one or that one and we find one I really like. He tells the saleslady to ring it up. I turn and say we don’t need to spend the money and he already bought me my Christmas/birthday combo present and he says he knows how much I hate a combo gift and if he got a new one I should get a new one too!

Woo-pee!!! So, although I’m mourning the temporary loss of my i-pod, I am enjoying my new Swiss Army watch! I have the greatest Hubby EVAH!


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