What’s up with the Swiss Army?


I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my new watch is Swiss Army. I’ve also had one of their cool little knives that used to be on my keychain until I forgot to take it off when I had to fly somewhere and the the airport security people had to take it from me. Those damn terrorists have to ruin everything!

Anyway, so I’m pondering my new watch and my old knife and it got me to wondering…

Does the Swiss Army do any “army stuff” or do they just sit around making watches and knives and other crap?

I noticed they also make perfume, backpacks, and luggage. Who was the marketing genius that decided selling perfume that’s supposed to smell like ARMY MEN was a good idea? How could this stuff not stink?

And, by the way, who in the world would need all this CRAP????

A cork screw? Now come on! Are you going to be in the middle of a battle and decide you need to open a bottle of Pinot Noir Reserve?

These are the weird and random thoughts that flit through my brain on a daily basis. You should really feel sorry for me.


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  1. Ahem.

    I would love to have that. I have a cheap knock off but you would be amazed how often I grab it out of my purse to do something. I am a little worried that I might get arrested for concealing a weapon (yep, I’m a weirdo) but the knife part is a joke – completely dull but great for cutting through packing tape.

    Glad that you got a nice new watch. My hubby goes through them like water. I would never buy him a watch over 200 dollars because he would have the crystal scratched or broken in the first year. What with saws and drills and woodworking it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong.


  2. LMAO!OMG that is to funny, but you are so right. What kind of kook came up with these ideas??? Thanks for posting your random thoughts, gave me a good laugh today.

  3. Cindy – I had a pocket knife on my keychain for almost 10 years and used it all the time. I loved it! It had a little pair of scissors that I used a bunch and the little knife was great for opening things like you said. I’m not knocking the knives – they’re great but some of them have so much crap on them you’d never use it all.

    I flew this summer and forgot to take the knife off my keychain so airport security took it. I’ve really missed it.

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