Not a good morning thus far..


I get up late because the bed is just too warm to depart at the time my alarm starts going off so I hit snooze twice. That’s 18 minutes behind schedule.

I loiter in the shower because the water is hot and it’s warming me up. Probably adds 7 more minutes behind schedule

I hop back in bed with Hubby to warm up after getting out of the shower. This is a lovely spot and I REALLY don’t want to get back up. I probably lay there 15 minutes and would have fallen asleep except Hubby’s nose is whistling. Why do people’s noses whisltle? It’s SO annoying!

Then, I finally get dressed, get ready and try to leave but realize Hubby’s truck has me blocked in. He says to take his truck and he’ll come switch cars with me in a few minutes when he leaves to go to the gym.

I finally get to work about 35 minutes late (EEeekk!), I go to get in my office and I realize I can’t. Hubby has my keys with my office key on it. My assistant who gets here before me has the flu and pnuemonia and my other assistant doesn’t come in for another 20 minutes. So, I call hubby and ask him to come NOW. Remember, it only takes 45 seconds to get from my house to my office. So I wait, and wait, and 7 minutes later he shows up. I know that doesn’t seem like a long time but add that to the delays listed above and I get here 42 minutes late. I HATE that!

So, between the nose whistling and not having my key – I’m not in a very good mood. But, it’s Friday which is fantastic so maybe things will pick up. It’s only 9 am after all.


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  1. I can identify with the snooze button,the long shower and the cuddle longer in bed. It’s so darn cold right now! I’m exhausted and still catching up on lack of sleep from the Vegas trip too.

    I had to deal with my son’s meltdown on wearing one pair of jeans vs. another (one wasn’t as long of a length as he wanted). Who would have thought that 6 year olds care what they wear!

    Hope your day gets better!

  2. I bit the bullet and spent a lot on a gate lot parking permit at my work. I was tired of the additional stress in the morning of never being able to find a parking spot. Be happy that’s not one of your dilemmas!

    But I do sympthasize with that gross feeling of being late. It’s a bad way to start the day!

  3. ha ha, I swear I’m not laughing at you. It’s just it sounds so like my days latley. And I thought it was just me. I really hope your day and weekend start looking better.

  4. I won’t tell you then about my snow day where many many people didn’t go to work here today. Oops – I just did. But it is Friday and by now you’re home so it’s good now. Hope your day went better after that.

  5. “So, between the nose whistling and not having my key – I’m not in a very good mood.”

    HA! Nose whistling! Now THAT’S funny!

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