Thoughts about friends


I must admit – I’ve not been a good friend most of my life. In order to be good friends you need good communication. This is the part I’m not good at.

My best friend in high school moved to another state for college and has remained there. We always kept in touch but it was very sporadic for a long time, only talking a couple times a year. But, we’ve really turned that around thanks to e-mail and especially free long-distance on our cell phones. We have remained friends since the 15+ years since we graduated. Kathryn – what would I do without you? Who else would call me on my birthday and sing the worst rendition of Happy Birthday of all time, and that on the speaker phone in front of my teenager and 4 of her friends? Embarrassing yourself to that degree is only done for the closest of pals.

Another of my friends, Kelli, sent me the first birthday card of the year (it came a day before my birthday). She wrote me a lovely note about how painful and terrible my birth must have been for my mother but she’s glad it happened. Oh Kelli, what would I do without you too?

Robin is driving all the way across town to go to lunch with me today. Robin and I have really grown closer over the past couple years and I now I wonder how I ever got along with her. We’ve decided we need to be a team on The Amazing Race. Not because we could actually win, since neither of us eat any weird food and neither of us are in shape, but because we would be so darn entertaining! Yes, we think that highly of ourselves.

I’m also friends with Joanna (though mostly through e-mail now since we no longer work together and she’s constantly busy with her three kids), DeeAnn (who is married to one of Hubby’s best friends since high school and whom I’ve finally convinced to venture on one of our scrapbook retreats next month-God help her), and a couple others.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of girlfriends. Sometimes you just need someone to whine to, cry with, laugh at and enjoy in a way that a husband or boyfriend can’t fulfill. If you don’t have any, don’t fret. It’s never too late and you can find them in some of the strangest places. I like my life this way and I have you ladies to thank for it.


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  1. Hi from one of your “bitch” friends, haha. I’ve actually been home and not online. I’m off for 2 weeks and have dial-up still – yeah I know – get with the times!

    Yes, I share the sentiment with you on how wonderful female friends are now. I truly value you as a friend and can ALWAYS count on you to give good and insightful advice. Plus I love that we can revert back to high school childishness and have SO MUCH FUN!!!

    I’m also enjoying our long distance “lunch dates”.

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