The wonderful friends that I spoke of last week all suck. Not even one of them bothered to leave a comment. bitches

My home computer crashed about 10 days ago. We took it to one place who wanted to charge us $250 to take out the hard drive and figure out what was wrong with it because they couldn’t even get it to come on. Do I really look that dumb? So, we took it to another place who charged us $60 to diagnose the problem and let us know. Bad news – my processor went bad. The hard drive was fine though. The realy crappy part was that this computer was only 18 months old. I’m so mad about it but we decided that we had to replace it. So, I got a new HP with 1 gig and 250 somethings and we put the hard drive from my old computer into the new one so now I have two, and a dual core processor, and twice as much gig and like four times of something else. All this means my new computer is supposed to work really fast. I didn’t have time to play with it much last night after we got home but we’ll see. It seems like I spent 3 hours doing all the rebate stuff today but they’re in the mail so at least that’s done.

I haven’t started my Christmas cards yet. My house is a gigantic mess and I don’t feel like doing either one of them. Hubby will probably get me motivated when I get home so keep your fingers crossed that my house is clean by the time I come to work tomorrow. I did manage to do 2 loads of laundry on Saturday. When they were dry, I dumped them on the bed to force myself to put them away. That night, I dumped them back into a laundry basket and yesterday morning I dumped them back on the bed so I would put them away. I dumped them back in the laundry basket last night. This morning, once again, I dumped them on the bed. Hopefully, I will actually put them away tonight. Maybe.


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