Everyday I come here and I think stare at the computer screen trying to type out a post. And nothing comes to mind. Life is busy, as usual, and there isn’t much spare time although it hasn’t been swamped. But just nothing to really chat about lately.

I have reviews to write up the ying yang and I haven’t gotten to them yet. This month has been slow reading for me. I read the newest Lynn Kurland book and it took me almost two weeks to get through. I just couldn’t seem to finish it, it most definitely was not my cup of tea. See, I didn’t read her latest anthologies, where she apparently introduces this new world she has created so I wasn’t prepared for the full on fantasy – no HEA aspect of it. Definitely not what I was expecting.

Christmas Shopping – thankfully I’m finished. Just last night actually. It took me forever to find the last gift that I needed. I searched everywhere for two things, finally gave up and bought something completely different. And even though I’m not totally happy with it, the gift will have to do. Now, just some chocolates left to buy to fill some tins and I’ll be done.

We are headed home this coming Friday afternoon, and will be back on Tuesday as I have to be at work for Wednesday morning. I told Ryan that I do belive we are going to need a trailer put on the back of the truck in order to lug everything home this time around. And then to lug all of it back to our house when the holidays are done is going to be a pain in the ass.


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  1. Be glad you’re done with the shopping, at least. My hope is to do my Christmas cards today but who knows if that will actually be accompished.

    I haven’t done good reading this month either – so many distractions I think.

    You didn’t like the Lynn Kurland book? Bummer – I really liked her stuff but haven’t read any of her new stuff. Is it sci-fi?

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