New Post (finally)!!


I’ve been trying to do a new post the last couple days but Blogger wasn’t letting me in. Stupid Blogger.

First, big congrats to VALEEN since it’s almost 6 months exactly until she’s an old married woman! Hooray, chickey! You must be getting so excited! How are the wedding plans coming? You need to do a post and give us the latest.
Second, I met my friend Kelli for lunch yesterday and we talked forever. We were talking about Mike Rowe  from Discovery Channell’s Dirty Jobs:
Then, we talked about a bunch of stuff and Kelli said the word titty. I don’t know why, but I think that is a funny word – titty. Kelli said she did too. See why we’re friends?
I’m currently reading a terrible book. I’m reviewing it so I have to finish it but I can’t hardly make myself read it. UGH! If it wasn’t a review, I’d cast it aside.
I’m going to try to start doing two workouts a day. Hubby brought our treadmill to my office so I’m going to try and walk on that for an hour in the mornings and then we’re going to the gym after work each evening. Say a little prayer that I actually do this and my butt will quickly be shrinking.
Me and several of my friends (Robin, Kathryn, and DeeAnn for those of you nosy people that want to know which friends) are all going to my mom’s house in a couple weeks for a scrapbooking weekend. We’re SO excited! About 48 hours of non-stop cropping? SIGN me up!
Val and I were thinking of changing the blog around a little bit and adding a scrapbook section. What do you guys think?
Oh, and last but certainly not least:


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