Albino Eyebrow Hair?!?!


This morning, I’m looking in the mirror putting on my makeup and I notice something. There’s a white hair on my eyebrow. Thinking it belongs to the cat, I try to swipe it off. It doesn’t move. WHAT? Surely it can’t be attached. I swipe at it again and it doesn’t depart my face. I look closer and, sure enough, it’s attached!

How in the world did one of my eyebrow hairs get to be albino. You realize that it MUST be an albino hair and not actually a gray or silver hair as I am only 34 years old. Only really old people have gray/silver eyebrows. This thing is hideous and it’s FREAKIN’ ME OUT!

I grab a tweezer and yank – don’t get it. Darn – I try again and still don’t get it. This little bugger is desperately clinging on! On the fourth attempt – I succeed. Holy Moly – that was a horrendous experience!

But, it got me to thinking – why don’t eyebrow hairs have a name? We call eyelid hairs eyelashed, chin hairs whiskers, lip hairs a mustache, hairs on the sides of our cheeks sideburns, but there’s no name for eyebrow hairs. Why is that?

You didn’t possibly expect a post on Friday afternoon to be anything clever did you?

P.S. How many people stay till the end of the credits after you see a movie to see if there are any extra little clips at the very very end? There was an extra clip at the end of the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. There was a little something during the credits of Night at the Museum so I was convinced there would be something at the very end so I sat in the theater (feeling kind of dumb as my stupid family said they wouldn’t wait with me and they would meet me in the lobby – losers) and then – there wasn’t anything. Which made me feel more dumberer. Am I the only person who feels compelled to see if there’s something? There should be a website which tells you which movies do and which ones don’t. Does anyone else even think about this stuff?


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  1. I have a white eyelash and random black hairs where everything else is blonde. I feel your pain, sista! Ever since Smokey and the Bandit, where they show outtakes during the credits, I have been one of those who wants to stay and see if they show anything fun. By the way, if you all haven’t yet, you NEED to watch Little Miss Sunshine. It’s SO good.

  2. I have dark hair and very, very light eyebrows. I usually have to use a pencil so you can see them, they’re so light.

    As for the movie ~ Yes, we usually sit to watch through the credits. Partly to see if there’ll be a little something at the end, and partly because everybody else in the theater is trying to leave so I tend to wait them out.

  3. I usually don’t sit through the credits unless we know there’s going to be a little something (like with the last X-Men movie). Um…so what happened in the Pirates clip?? LOL

    Funny about the white eyebrow.

  4. At the end of the credits of the 2nd Pirates movie, it shows the indian tribe again and the dog is sitting on the throne all dressed up like he’s the new God. It was cute.

  5. I think eyebrows are the names for the hairs that make up your eyebrows, hence the name, haha.

    I usually stay to watch the clips too, unless hubbie and family are being pains about it. I’ll esp. do it with movies from makers that are prone to doing that.

    I can just see you sitting in the theater. haha.

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