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* My sister was reading news of the weird this morning and shared a sign a man had posted on his property. It read “Trespassers will be shot on sight. Survivors will be shot again.” Clever, huh? And, well, it gets his point across pretty durn well.

* It’s cold as crap here today. I know you smart alecks that read this blog will say that crap isn’t actually cold, and, to be technical, fresh crap would be 98.6 degrees which is pretty warm. But, I’m not talking to any smart alecks and the rest of you get my point.

* I have one and a half books to read in the next two days. I should really be reading instead of blogging.

* We were busy last night so I didn’t get a chance to watch Heroes or the return of Prison Break. I have them recorded though so don’t tell me any spoilers.

* My 9th wedding anniversarry is tomorrow. I have to work all day and Heath will be in a class all day and then we have to go to this business reception that night so we won’t get to celebrate until Saturday. I can’t believe it’s really been nine years. I still feel like a newlywed. Of course, that may have something to do with how hot my husband is.

* I’m working on scanning all my scrapbook layouts into the computer so we can add our scrapbooking section to the blog. This may take some time so please be patient.

* VAL – where have you been lately? We miss you!


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