My Funny Little Book


I got a book almost 3 years ago entitled This Book Will Change Your Life. A friend of mine was telling me about it and it intrigued me. I ordered it from a website and got like 4 extra copies to give to friends. It just makes me laugh.

What is this book? Well, it’s kind of hard to describe, really. Each day you have a task to do. For example, the following are some of the things I have actually done because the book told me to:

*Day 3- Throw something away that you like
I threw away brown M&M’s because I really do like them but they are my least favorite color

* Day 5 – Mass Social Experiment – Cut out and stick this “Out of Order” sign on any public infrastructure you might encounter today, including but not limited to: elevators, garbage trucks, cranes, phone booths, toilets, ventilation units, escalators, and entrances to subway stations. The aim is to achieve comprehensive social breakdown across the US.
I put it on the printer in my office but someone took it down about 10 minutes later because it was obviously working

* Day 11 – Today, introduce yourself to someone you know but never speak to. Suggestions include a neighbor, a local hooker, a shopkeeper or a colleague.
I introduced myself to “the mailroom guy” who had brought me the mail every work day for several years who’s name I didn’t know – yes – I’m ashamed of this

* Day 13 – Send a letter to a mass murderer [names and addresses of several are provided in the book]
I sent a letter to Charles Manson. I happened to do this page on April 1st so I thought it appropriate to send him a knock knock joke since it was April Fool’s Day. I mailed it from work with no return address and wiped all my fingerprints off of it before hand – you know, just in case.

* Day 16 – Discreetly give “the finger” to people all day today.
Yes I did it, and yes, it made me laugh

* Day 18 – Kill Something Day
Yes, I did this one too. I stepped on an ant and didn’t feel one moment’s regret about having done it.

*Day 28 – Choose your final meal if you were on death row and make it.
Yes, I did it and enjoyed every bite of it. I guess it’s easier to enjoy it knowing you’re not scheduled to die in a couple hours.

* Day 39 – Learn to speak Swedish
I actually have a cyber-friend who taught me how to say “I’m addicted to romance novels” in Swedish. It goes something like: Jag ar beroende av romantiska bocker. Impressed?

*Day 41 – Apply for Knighthood.
This is the page I’ve been stuck on since last fall. I don’t really want to waste my money on the postage to send a letter to Britain. Although, making my friends call me “Dame Jennifer” may be worth it.

Some of the other days I have yet to do are:

no underwear day
talk to a plant
prepare my famous last words
invent a new color
lie to someone about your past
body hair day
make prolonged eye contact with everyone you meet

And the silliness continues for 365 days. I’ve only made it to day 41 but I WILL finish. It’s a mission. I hear there’s a sequel too – woopee!


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  1. The prolonged eye contact one makes me laugh! HA! I just keep laughing thinking of people’s uncomfortable, awkward reactions. If there’s something that you can do with another person, I’ll volunteer! You know I love kooky stuff like that.

  2. Now see, I would be careful with the prolonged eye contact. You could end up with someone thinking you are really, really attracted to them!

    You are much braver than I as I don’t think I would throw something out I loved although every once in a while I don’t finish my french fries. Maybe that counts 😉

    Good luck with the rest!


  3. You got me this book and I haven’t done it yet, but this post really makes me want to. I laughed at these. The flipping the bird off, would be so easy for me and so funny. Did you do it descretly, like rub your eye with your middle finger?

    We could apply for knighthood together and share the postage – what do you think? Think that would help us at all. We could show them we’re proactive and efficient!

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