My Beautiful Sunny Surprise!


Hubby surprised me with flowers last week. It was the first day this winter that we had really cold weather and I wasn’t in a great mood. I was sitting at my desk in the late morning and in hubby walked with a bouquet of sunflowers!!! I had never even seen sunflowers in a buoquet before but they reminded me of the summer sunshine.

I’ve enjoyed them for over a week now. Why, you might ask, did hubby get these for me? He said I made him smile and he wanted to do something to make me smile. All together now” Ahhhhh…..”
See, we had gone to dinner one night earlier that week and he decided he wanted to take a picture of me eating dinner (and, for those of you non-photographer folks, let me tell you unequivically, pictures of people eating are NEVER good!). So, he takes this terrible picture of me and it makes him laugh. He doesn’t delete it – he saves it into his cell phone. He said he was leaving the gym the next morning and happened to look at his phone and saw that picture and it made him smile. So, he wanted to do somehting to make me smile. God, how I love this man!

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  1. That was really sweet for hubby to do. I love it when something I see reminds me of a funny story or something funny another person did or said.

    When you can get that chuckle at a random time it’s great – and it’s great that hubby thought to thank you for it.

    The flowers are beautiful!

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