Reality TV


Some people love it and others hate it. Me? I really like some shows, am embarrassed about others and can care less about more.

Reality Shows I Really Like:

Survivor – Yes, it’s been on a while and some people have stopped watching it. For me – I love seeing the people interact with each other, the personality clashes, the lack of food, survival skills kick in, and the competitions are fierce. Not to mention, Jeff Probst is always fun to watch – he likes to start drama with the payers and it’s funny.

Amazing Race – for a lot of the same reasons as Survivor. My friend Robin and I joke about going on this show because we’re both out of shape and couldn’t do many of the physical challenges and we’re both very picky eaters so we couldn’t do that either. We like to think our infectious laughter would endear us to the public and the other teams and somehow we’d manage to stay in the race. It’s our dream.

Big Brother – I love them being stuck with one another constantly and seeing the people clash and romances bloom. This is really the only reality show Hubby watches so that’s a plus too.

Reality Shows Where the Contestants Should be Embarrassed:

Flavor of Love/I Love New York – is an explanation really necessary?

I want to Marry a Multi-Millionaire – Puhleeze!

The Surreal Life – These people need to realize that their careers are over and need to find something else to do with their time.

Reality Shows I Could Care Less About:

American Idol – I know I’m probably the only person in the country who’s never watched this show and I don’t care too. I just don’t care.

The Apprentice – I can’t stand that pompous Donald Trump and I certainly don’t want to look at his daughter, or {{shudder}} Amarosas (or however you spell her name). Speaking of which, she says she was vilified on the show and that if someone took 3 minutes of your day of 24 hours worth of footage, they can paint any picture of you they want. Not true, in my opinion, but more on that below.

The Real World/Road Rules/or the Challenge of the Two – I watched the first season of Road Rules and just adored Kat and Mark. I watched seasons 2 through 4 or 5 of Real World and loved them too. But, apparently Mark is STILL on those shows and the guy has to be pushing 40 and he’s gotten to be a total butthead. The Real World has gone on too long and I don’t care anymore. Perhaps I’ve outgrown this genre of tv but they just have no appeal to me any longer.

The Bachelor – who cares?

Now, I’ve heard some girl name Frenchie hated her American Idol experience, Jerri Manthey from Survivor (she was the one from Australia who was in love with the hottie and he had no interest in her) says they portrayed her unfairly and unkindly and she’s embarrassed of it now, and Amarossa says it was all editing. I say, they can’t show you saying and doing anything you don’t actually say or do so don’t give me this “editing” crap. You act like a witch and that’s what they’re going to show.


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  1. I think the only reality TV I watch is Amazing Race – like you I like to think I could win but since I don’t fly I would be out in the first round 😉

    My hubby used to watch Trump but I would end up sitting and mocking him so we both got into it. After the whole thing with Rosie O’Donnell I told hubby I wasn’t listening to another thing this guy said and he agreed.

    I haven’t watched Survivor since the AllStar one.


  2. Yeah, I’m with TatrD. I think they should rename the show “Rosie’s View”. She is sooooo obnoxious!!! My stress level boils everytime I see her. The nerve of that woman to push her personal soap box anytime she’s on TV!!!

    Plus Rosie does the same darn thing as Trump did – look at what she did to Kelly Ripa re: Clay Aiken – give me a break!

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