Murder Mystery Party

We went to an “Old West” party Saturday night at my friend Robin’s house. It was really fun. From left we had an Indian Chief, a hooker, a gay cowboy, a cowgirl, a thrice widower, another cowboy, me – mother of 13 deceased boys, and Hubby – the heart-throb cowboy.

Everyone did a good job on their costumes. I had to make a bonnet. Do you know how hard it is to make a bonnet? I had to get on the internet and find out what bonnets in the 1880’s even looked like. I bought a black felt bowler hat at K-Mart for $4 and turned it into the bonnet. Not great but not bad either. Here’s another pic of Hubby and I and a pic of Robin (who’s about 6 1/2 months pregnant but isn’t letting that stand in the way of her prostitution career) and her husband, Neal aka “Chief Breaking Wind”

The other couples, Jonathan & Missy and Jason (the gay cowboy) & Dawn:

It was a great party, Robin. Thanks for having us!

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