navel piercing and tv


My daughter will be 18 in May. She asked me about six months ago if she could get her belly button pierced. At first, my initial response was no. I don’t want her looking like a floozy and I don’t want her to do anything permanent to her body. I talked to Hubby and he said he didn’t think it was all that big a deal. It’s not like she wanted to get her face pierced or get a tattoo or something so he said he really didn’t think it was that bad. Upon further thought, I ended up agreeing with him. She can take it out when she gets a little older and you will barely be able to tell it was ever there. So, I told her we’d do it on her 18th birthday. She then informed me that it takes 3 to 12 months to heal. She and her friends are planning a beach trip this summer and she wanted it to be healed by that time so I agreed to ler her get it done in February. After that – I didn’t think about it any more. Whew – glad that was behind us. Perhaps she’d forget.

Fast forward to this past weekend. Daughter informs me that it’s time to go get it done. Huh? I thought we were going to forget about that. We got on the web and did a bunch of research and I made her look at pictures of piercings that had gone horribly wrong – crooked ones, infected ones, ones that had been ejected. I told her it wasn’t too late to change her mind and she could back out at any time. Nope – she was still gung ho.

So, we head downtown on Saturday night and go into this tattoo parlor. KateySue called me while we were there and I told her if she had a million guesses she’d never guess where I was. She agreed – that wasn’t a place she ever thought I would venture. I had already gotten a referral and had researched the place and it was clean and not too weird. $90 later, she has this thing protruding from her body. I don’t love it but it’s not that big a deal. It’s sort of kind of cute. Please keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t get infected and all green and oozing and gross.

Oh, the new season of Survivor started last week. Who’s watching? Thoughts?

Also, Lost came back on (finally!) last week as well. Who’s watching that?


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  1. I had my navel pierced when I was 18 or 19, and I don’t think it ever looked trashy. It really depends, I think, on what sort of jewelry she has in there. She does really need to take care of it, though, because mine never would heal completely, so I had to let it close up.

    I watched Lost the other night, but it just doesn’t light my fire anymore. It has drug on too long to be exciting anymore! Unfortunately.

  2. I think Lost’s appeal is starting to wain because it seems like they never answer any of the mysteries. They just keep adding more and more mysteries to the pot and it comes to the point where you want a payoff.

    I’m trying to hang in there though.

  3. I saw her piercing and it doesn’t look trashy. It really isn’t a big deal. She’s smart enough to take care of it. Now if it was on her face and I was her Mom, I’d have issues, but the belly button isn’t bad. Also, it is great she isn’t wanting a tattoo, just be prepared if she comes home with one of those some day once she’s in college. Happens all the time here at work, haha.

    I am still in on Lost, but I agree, we do need some answers. I guess they’re afraid they won’t have anything left. The more and more they show, though, it appears that this is a huge government thing or a very powerful “company/group of people”. That still doesn’t explain the black fog/smoke thing that kills people.

    I will work on watching Survivor this time – I enjoy that. I’m also an American Idol fan and have been enjoying this season.

    The new Dancing With the Stars comes March 19th – YEAH!!!

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