What’s for Dinner?


I’m being nosy. It seems like we always eat the same things all the time. Well, that is, when we eat at home (which isn’t too often but we’re trying to change that). It seems like our old standards are:

chicken breasts – we usually just marinade them and cook them on the grill
spaghetti – whole weat pasta with lean hamburger, onions, mushrooms, and plain sauce
pork chops – marinade and grill
hot dish – our variety is made with egg noodles, cream of mushroom soup and a can of tuna
healthy choice frozen dinners

Tonight we’ll have pork chops in a steak marinade, green beans cooked in chicken broth with onions and mushrooms, and a box of Betty Crocker augratin potatoes. Hubby and daughter will also have a salad. For dessert, I made some homemade rice crispie treats last night so we’ll probably finish off the half pan of those that are left.

Dull, dull, dull. I think the reason we so rarely eat at home is that we always eat the same boring things.

So, what are you having for dinner tonight and what are your “standard dinners”?


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  1. My situations kinda weird- right now I’m living with my widowed Grams during the week and on my own on the weekend.

    Grams is 89 and loves to cook. The only problem is she’s an old-fashioned cooker. (LOL!) No spagetti- the only pasta is noodles with brown butter. (Now THAT’S an old technique if ever there was one.)

    She’s meat and potatoes mostly. Chicken legs on the stove top or baked, pork chops or roast. Potatoes, often mashed, or noodles and a veggie- corn, green beans, broccli or cauliflower- BOILED. Now, all this sounds nice, but remember she’s 89. The mashed taters are always great, I’ll give her that, (and she can fry fish like nobody’s business!) but the veggies are BOILED and soft, and the meat is not seasoned. LOL! And, God love her she usually leaves an ingredient out. Still, I don’t complain, it’s makes her happy and gives her something to think about.

    When I get the chance to cook I go with pasta (pasta salad mostly) or spagetti or stir fries. (If you want to spark up your spagetti sauce add some brown sugar!) I also eat alot of salad. I make my own oriental dressing that I just love.

    I also grill up steak because that’s somethng grams doesn’t do either.

    I love to cook and sift through recipes. (I’m not saying I’m good at it- I just love to browse!)

    So yeah, that’s me- eating good in the neighborhood!

  2. Do you like meatloaf? I have an awesome recipe for that that my husband loves. Also, sometimes I like to buy a rotisserie chicken and put the meat on top of a salad. Hmmm, we’re in a dinner rut, too. Tonight we’re having Tyson teriyaki chicken medallions with noodles and steamed broccoli.

  3. I’m impressed that you all think ahead each night for your dinners. We don’t always do that, more times we don’t than do. We’re also in a rut. It doesn’t help that hubby doesn’t like onions and chunky type things, so I can’t just start cooking different stuff. A lot of times I cook different pasta dishes for myself and the kids and eat off of that for a few nights and hubby will do something else – those are our fin-for-yourself nights.

    I also have a good meatloaf recipe, a broccoli/chicken pasta, tator tot casserole, and other things.

    We also do spaghetti n a pinch a lot and Lasagna by Stouffer’s no cooking involved and very good, haha.

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