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As we talked about last week, Primetime News magazines The Others comes on again tonight and you are NOT going to believe what’s on it! Tonight it has a story about a half brother and sister who are lovers!!! The preview shows them saying they know it’s taboo but they’re in love and can’t help it. Whoa! It will also have a story about a school for autistic children that uses shock therapy! This stuff is so outrageous I can’t help but watch.

The Amazing Race – All Stars premiered on Sunday. Anyone watching? I tried to watch it but some other show must have run late because I recorded about 20 minutes of 20/20 before Amazing Race started so I lost the last 20 minutes. Crap!!! I’m going to read the recap on the CBS site but anything in particular that was good that I missed? I LOVE that Euchenna and Joyce are back! I’m pulling for them.

I said recently that I’m starting to lose interest in Lost because they just keeping adding more and more mysteries on top of each other and never reveal anything so it’s unfulfilling to watch. Well, someone was listening because the promos for tonight’s episode are saying that 3 mysteries will be revealed. It’s about damn time! I hope they’re good ones.


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  1. I have my DVR recorded for Primetime. I am so looking forward to it, and am particularly interested in the autism aspect. I am planning on getting my Masters in Special Education so am curious to see about this shock therapy thing!

    I LOVE Amazing Race, and especially Rob and Amber. I am sure that puts me in the miniority, but I am soooo pulling for them! I do like Euchenna and Joyce and I guess if Rob and Amber couldn’t win the first one, they were the best.

  2. I was sad to hear that Euchenna and Joyce weren’t doing well in their marriage because of children. I like the miner family although I’m not sure they can win. I also like the Barbies because they are fierce competitors so I’m very pysched!

    I love LOST and yeah, I’m hoping some mysteries get explained!

    I have taped the Primetime show so we’ll see how I do – I’m not sure I can handle seeing people getting shocked, especially children.


  3. Kristie! Another thing we have in common besides the obvious *g* I love Rob and Amber too and I’m routing for them again!
    I’m in an AR thingy at work and the two couples I have are the ones that came in last and the two guys who look like Uncle Festus from The Adams Family. I expect they will be next.

  4. Rob and Amber are great competitors, but I don’t like how they’ve pushed themselves into the limelight for so long since Survivor. However, if I came in 2nd one year on Amazing Race and had the chance to try again, I’d do the same! My favorite team is the gay couple (the young gay couple, not the older ones). They are pretty hilarious!

  5. Uchenna and Joyce were having issues before they did AR the first time because of their inability to have kids. With the winnings, I think they’ve tried IVF several times but it hasn’t worked. Too bad – they are such a great team and treat each other so respectful and well. Remember the
    challenge where she had to shave her head? He was so supportive and sweet to her.

  6. I also like Rob & Amber. I don’t think they’ve really pushed themselves too much in the limelight. They are making money off of their fame which I would do too.

    I have been watching their show Rob and Amber: Against the Odds on the Reality TV Network (yeah I know how sad am I to watch that network – I just can’t help it). They were asked to be on Amazing Race All Stars and had to hem and how whether they’d be on it, so they didn’t push themselves on it.

    Rob can be annoying and pushy, but I really like how they treat each other. There’s a lot of patience between them and I like Amber a lot. If you watched them on the Against the Odds – I really liked their relationship – more Amber though. The show is about Rob wanting to be a professional poker player – that cracked me up. He has now put that on hold for the Amazing Race. But Amber was cool about his desire to try it and said – “okay let’s try it for 3 months and then assess where we both are with it”. That was pretty fare and cool!

    OH, Tatr, you need to do a blog about the new Dancing With the Stars. I like that Ian Zering, Billy Ray Cyrus and Joey Fatone are on it. It should be interesting. I don’t think Heather Mills will go far though.

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