Yearly Credit Card Review – Oh My Goodness!!!!


Amex just sent me an e-mail. Seems that they do a year end summary listing all the charges you have put on your card for the previous year. If you thought looking at your monthly credit card bill was hard- try staring, in utter disbelief, at your totals for a year. UGH!!!

How is this possible? How on earth could I have spent this much money??? On what did I spend all my money you may be asking? Here’s what:

$842.51 in restaurants. Yes – over $800 eating out. Bear in mind that the VAST majority of the time when I go out with hubby – he pays. So this, primarily, isn’t dinners out. It’s lunches with my girlfriends and breakfasts at the office and dinners when I’m not with hubby.

$317.92 in gas & other car expenses. This isn’t too bad, really.

$404.04 other charges. This includes my on-star service, vet, etc.

$6,890.47 in merchandise. Oh my gawd!!! What did I buy you might ask? Among other things,

– $1049.64 was on a new computer so this really shouldn’t count.
– $1200 was all of Christmas so this wasn’t totally me.
– $1906.25 went to Target. This could be anything from toilet paper to CD’s to gum.
– $1199.83 was spent on my hobbies. This includes all scrapbooking supplies & conventions and any books I purcahsed.

Yes, in a year, I spent almost $1200 on my hobbies. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, when you break it down, it’s only $100 per month. I think that’s reasonable. Don’t you? Seriously?

All in all, the total I put on Amex was $8,454.94. Yes, that’s a HECK of a lot of freakin’ money!!!

I make a pretty darn good salary at my job but I am seriously considering getting a second job just to pay off my credit card. I’m totally serious! Yes – it could be worse but wow – could it be better. I want it GONE and I don’t want it hanging over my head. Hubby didn’t create this so it’s not fair he should have to help pay it off. I spent it and I should get rid of it.


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  1. I think $100 a month on hobbies is entirely subjective and depends on your salary and current financial situation. A person needs hobbies, but if you’re drowning in debt, then you probably shouldn’t spend that much, you know? Where would you consider getting a part-time job? I’d love to get one at the stationery store across the street, but I probably couldn’t get many hours. It would totally be a just-for-the-fun-of-it kind of job.

  2. Ideally, my part time job would be teaching scrapbooking. Joann’s & Michaels and places like that. It would have to be something I enjoy doing.

  3. In one year I spent 1100.00 on just books – scared the crap out of myself I did but I was working at the time. Since I don’t work outside of the house anymore I tend to be more careful of my spending. I also tend to be cheap when it comes to stuff that is not a necessity – books help keep my sanity so they are totally necessary.

    And I have no interest in seeing how much I spent in a year. Sure it’s all paid off but I’m sure the number would be too shocking!


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