A very crafty weekend, indeed!


My friend, Erika asked me to go to a craft fair with her yesterday. I had never been to a craft fair like this so it sounded like fun. We went downtown and weren’t real sure what to expect. There were a lot of booths and the two most popular items seemed to be handmade jewelry and purses. I looked at a lot of the jewelry and really liked several pieces but didn’t buy anything. I like fun jewelry but, for some reason, don’t ever wear it. Hubby has bought me several nice pieces of real jewelry so I don’t tend to wear “trendy” stuff. Erika told me if I liked it – I need to wear it, even though I said it was kind of out of character for me. And, the jewelry was kind og expensive. Most of the pieces were a minimum of $30 and went to $100. Erika finally suggested I start with a funky piece or two from Target and if I wear those, I could invest in some more expensive pieces. I really liked several of the purses too but didn’t buy anything for the same reason as the jewelry. I liked them, but they were kind of expensive and really weren’t something I’d carry.

So, after the craft fair we ran to JoAnn’s. I started walking around they have started carrying some really nice beads to make your own jewelry. So, I took the plunmge and bought a some and decided I’d make my own set. Here’s what I came up with:
They’re sort of “chunky” but not too big. It only took me about an hour to make all three pieces and I LOVE them! I wore them to dinner Saturday night and my sister-in-law complimented me on them as soon as she saw them. I was so proud of myself.

Also, while in JoAnn’s, I decided I was going to try to make my own purse as well. I had originally decided to do something fairly simply with a little cute embelishment but my mom was here this weekend and she helped me and the design got more and more complicated. Here’s the finished product:

It has two compartments inside (I made a center piece to use as a divider) and has 3 pockets – one on one side and two on the other of the divider piece. It’s fully lines and has reinforcement between the two fabrics to give it a solid shape. It’s 14″ wide and about 12″ high so I can fit books in it, along with my wallet, i-pod, etc.

I am so very proud of myself!!! My very first purse and jewelry set and they aren’t too shabby if I do say so myself!

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  1. Wow, you did a great job! That purse is extremely cute. Love the fabric. If I were giving out awards for craftiness, you’d win first place. 🙂

  2. OHMIGOSH! I am so impressed with what you did in half a weekend. Awesome job, so professional. I think you may need to get a craft fair booth next year….and maybe a mohawk! hee

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