New Rules of Sex for 2007 (Risque)


It’s no secret that I’m interested in sex – heck I’m a happily married woman of 9 years so I have to be interested in it at least a little bit, right?

In this month’s Marie Claire there is a big article about sex in 2007. They and Esquire did a joint survery of about 1700 people. These were the findings:

* Average number of times people have sex in 1 week: 2.6 for men and 2.3 for women. So, does this mean that .3 percent of the time the men are cheating?

* Partners in a lifetime: 14 for men and 11 for women. Guess men are easier.

* 61% of men surf the net for porn and about half spend an hour or more per week doing it. 17% of women look for porn on the web and only a 3rd of them do it for an hour or more.

* How many times per week do you “self satisfy”? 3.8 for men and 1.6 for women. This one surprised me. Men do this every other day? Really?

* 14% of women have looked at porn on the web at work versus 32% of men. I was very surprised that a third of men would risk their jobs to do this.

* The country with the oldest age at which the average person loses their virginity is India at 19.8. Americans average 16.9.

* Canadians and Americans are tied for first as to whom may have a camera in the bed room.

* Greeks have sex more than any other nation – about 138 times per year on average. Americans rank 11th with 113 and Japanese are the least at a mere 45.

* More women in Taiwan use “battery operated assistants” than any other country. American women tied with UK women for second.

* 12% of men and 7% of women have answered a work call or e-mail during sex. There would be nothing that would piss me off more if he stopped to answer the phone.

* 59% of men and 52% of women with Blackberries, PDA’s or cell phones say these devices have enhanced their sex life. How? This one confused me. Are they on vibrate?

* Men’s #1 turn-on: looks
Women’s: kindness

* The average number of dates a woman waits to sleep with a guy is 5. For men it’s 3. Wow – I had NO IDEA people were jumping in the sack so quickly these days. This one blew me away.

* 35% of men and women have gone without sex for a year. 13% of men and 7% of women have gone without it for 5 or more years. These people have my deepest sympathy.

* Here it is, ladies, we may not want to “face it” (hehe – I crack myself up) but men want more oral sex – it even beat out intercourse by 4 points. Women want more erotic massage. 6% of women wanted more, uh, “backdoor action” versus 32% of men. WOW!

* Here are some stats as to what men and women like:
Receiving Oral – 85% of men and 71% of women (I’d have thought more women)
Giving oral – 66% of men like it versus 43% of men
Threesomes {{shudder}} – 64% of men and 33% of women
Watching partner “pleasure themself” (I just can’t make myself type that other word) – 57% of men like it versus 41% of women
Anal – 54% of men and 19% of women.

* 80% of women say they’re in a monogomous relationship versus 66% of men. I think some couples need to define monogomy.

* 49% of men say it’s conceivable that they might cheat on their partners (or already have) compared with 33% of women. MAN – there are a lot of cheaters out there!

* 61% of women say they’d give up sex for more sleep while 65% of men said they’d give up sleep for sex.

* Favorite position? Women prefer missionary with “doggy-style” a close second. Men prefer doggy style with women on top right behind it.

* The hair down there. This may seem a little “personal” to some people but I was interested so I’ll share:

What men like:
46% trimmed
24% completely bare
22% all-natural

What women really do:
56% trim
29% go natural
11% take it all off

Sex secrets women admitted to:
– “I keep erotic stories on my i-pod and read a few while we’re watching tv in the evening. I have a head start before we get to the bedroom” – Brooke 26. I think this lady is very smart. Especially if you have a partner who likes to rush straight into things and doesn’t spend a lot of time “pre-heating the oven” so to speak.

– My friends would be amazed if they knew the real number of men I’ve slept with. It’s up there.” Kimberly – 28. Sounds like Kimberly gets around to me.

– “I’ve always wanted to do it in a public restroom” – Jaime 27. Yuck!

– “I once had sex with two guys in the same day” – Amy 31. Amy gets around more than Kimberly.

– “There’s nothing hotter than a man with a wedding ring” – Sarah 23. Married women hate littles witches like this.

So – there you have it. A few surprises and definitely an eye-opener for me.


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  1. Wow, I really don’t measure up with the number of partners in a lifetime. I must’ve missed out.

    And I’m glad to know that the majority of men like pubic hair trimmed, rather than completely bare. Going bare makes me feel like an underage girl and itches like a beyotch when it’s growing back!

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