Adios!!! Amazing Race Update (Spoilers!!!)


Woopeee!!! Hooray!! Woo-hooo!! Rob & Amber got kicked off Amazing Race this week. This was their 3rd (or 4th – did they do Survivor twice?) chance at winning a million bucks on a reality show and this time their luck ran out fairly early.

I will say that they do seem very much in love. Rob was sweet when he was talking about how he already had the best prize because she was his wife.

I all fairness, I have to say that they are smart and good players. They were competitive and worked for their edge a lot of the time (like using the internet when they had time to find clues and book flights). However, they NEVER seemed to have bad luck. I don’t remember a single time when they’ve had car trouble, or trouble getting a taxi or running out of gas or getting lost. Whenever they had to search for anything they always seemed to find them quickly.

Well, that all changed this week. They did miserably on a task (because Rob couldn’t spell) so that put them behind, then they got bumped to the last flight and then they couldn’t get a taxi. All stuff that happens to other teams quiet often. They had to search through 1600 letters to find 1 of 2 addressed to them and they took a long time to do that. So, they ended up last at the pitstop. I have to admit that I expected Phil to say, “I’m happy to tell you that this is the first of the non-elimination rounds” but he didn’t – see ya Rob & Amber!!!


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  1. I’m with you, sista! I 100% thought that they would make it a non-elimination round solely because those two came in last. I’m glad that they didn’t. This episode made me like Myrna and Smyrna or whatever their names are more, for some reason.

  2. Now see – I’m a big Rob and Amber fan and the show just won’t seem the same with out them. And in all fairness to both of them, except for the original Survivor shows each was on, the shows came to them to be on. What would you do if tv exec’s kept coming to you and asking if you wanted to be on the show again? Say “oh no thanks. I don’t care to compete for a million dollars. Let it got to someone more deserving who has also had a chance before” (You can see I’ve had this conversation with my sister who is not a Rob and Amber fan).

  3. I’m also a Rob and Amber fan and have missed a lot of this season and tuned in only to see them get booted. I was hoping it would be a non-elimination round, esp. since they had been in 1st place for so long! That really sucked! Not sure I’ll keep up with the show now.

    I agree, I wouldn’t turn the TV execs down if I was asked over and over again, as long as it didn’t interfere with my family. They don’t have kids so I say GO FOR IT!!! Hopefully they’ll pick up their “Rob & Amber: Against The Odds” show on Reality TV again.

  4. I completely agree! They’re the team that we all love to hate. However, how many chances do they get to win a million? After all, they’re millionaires at least one time over. Plus they had their wedding paid for as a reality TV show, AND they’ve had their own reality show…when will the madness end?

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