Took the day off..


Yep, I got up this morning, got ready to go to work, and was sitting there eating breakfast (Peanut Butter Captain Crunch – very grown up of me, huh?) and started looking around my filthy dirty house. It was raining so Hubby couldn’t go outside and mow today so I talked him into staying home with me and cleaning the house. He REALLY didn’t want to do it and I told him I didn’t either but it was gross and dirty and the magic cleaning fairy is apparently on strike so we didn’t have much choice.

We got started about 9:00am and I didn’t finish until after 2:00. Yes – it was THAT dirty. I think Hubby spent over an hour just in the little bathroom. Trust me – it’s little -only has a shower stall, a pedastal sink and a commode. He spent an HOUR cleaning it – that’s how much dirt had collected in there.

Then, he went downstairs into what I refer to as “Man Land” and dissappeared. I knew he was hiding so he didn’t have to work anymore so I let him stay down there about an hour before I came down and busted him. He was sitting at his desk and started laughing when I walked down there. He knew he was busted. He begrudgingly came up and started helping again. He’s like a 7 year old kid sometimes.

Most of our “dirt” is apparently hair from the pets. I think we could have gathered up all the wads of hair under the couch and in the hallway and had a pile as big as our dog! I was seriously thinking about vaccuuming the cat but didn’t think she would hold still for the noisy vaccuuum (remember – this is one of the words I can’t remember how to spell so don’t give me any crap if it’s wrong).

So now, I’m sitting in my hobby room enjoying the smell of Pine-Sol. Yes – I said I’m enjoying it. I want someone to come by so they can come in my house and think to themself, “wow – this house is really clean”. Trust me – there aren’t many opportinuties for that to happen around my house so I want to take advantage of it.

Don’t get me wrong – we aren’t slobs. Our house is almost always picked up and straightened but I don’t dust or run the vaccuum very often. It’s a lot of effort and there are loads of other things I’d rather be doing. If the house is picked up and good enough for someone to come in if they happen to be in the neighborhood, I’m okay with it.

But, after a while, it needs a good rub-down and that’s when everyone gets crabby. If we did a better budget I would hire a housekeeper in a second! But, that would mean I would have to cut back my spending on books and scrapbooking and we need to keep our priorities straight.

I’m currently listening to Josh Groban sing “Oh Holy Night” on i-tunes. I adore this song. This has always been my favorite Christmas song and he sings it wonderfully. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with anything but thought I’d mention it anyway.


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