Jennifer Crusie – my second favorite author of all time!


Some of you may remember my post from last year (
about how much I adore Jennifer Crusie’s novels.

She is a fantastic writer of contemporary romance novels. Her characters are flawed but people you could expect to meet on the street, or to be one of your best friends. She paints wonderful friends who round out the story and some of the things in her books are literally laugh out loud funny.

I picked up Manhunting a couple weeks ago at Target for $11.00 for the hardback. I simply couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that! I started reading this book about 24 hours ago and I finished it tonight instead of watching a new episode of Lost. THIS is really saying something!

I didn’t know it at the time but this is the first book she ever wrote (there’s a forward by the author that tells about it). It is also probably my second favorite book by her – Bet Me would probably be my most favoritist.

The main reason I love her books so much is they make me laugh! Every person who’s ever had sex knows that it’s not always fireworks. There are things about sex that are funny and she’s not afraid to write about those awkward moments. Here’s a tame snippet from Manhunting that made me laugh:

She nudged him with her foot.
“What?” he said.
“Can I come out on the lake with you again tomorrow?”
He tipped his hat back. “Depends. Are you going to be over the poor-little-me fit by then?”
“I’m over it now. Thanks for the sympathy.”
“You need sympathy like you need Derek, Terrance and Paul. Are you playing pool with me tonight or not?”
“Yes,” Kate said. “But I’m going to win.”
“Oh?” Jake looked amused. “And what makes you think that?”
Kate batted her eyes at him. “I’m not going to wear any underwear.”
Jake looked at her for a moment and then pulled his hat back over his face. “Me neither,” he said.

I have every book that Jude Deveraux has ever written (even the God-awful one entitled Casa Grande that she doesn’t even include on her book lists any more) and I even spent the money to get them all in hardback. She’s the only author I’ve ever made a point to collect all of her novels. Well, slide over Jude. I’ve officially decided I will collect and read all Jennifer Crusie’s novels as well. I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading them for a long time.


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  1. I’ve never read Jennifer Cruise OR Jude Deveraux, but from that little snippet I think that maybe I should. It was really cute.

  2. Sarah – WHAT?!?!? You’ve never erad Jude Deveeraux or Jennifer Crusie?? You simply MUST check them out. Jude’s historical romances are my absolute favorite. I’d recommend “A Knight in Shining Armor” and then the Velvet series – Velvet Promise, Highland Velvet, Velvet song, and Velvet Angel. That series is about 4 brothers.

    Then, I’d recommend Jennifer Crusie’s “Bet Me” for a funny contemporary romance. It’s GREAT!

    Who are your favorite authors?

  3. I’m between favorite authors at the moment. I really like Teresa Medieros, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Paula Quinn. I’ve been looking at Manhunting ever since I read this review, I think I’ll borrow it from work and give it a read. As for Jude, I saw the velvet books at work today and looked at them. Looks like I have more reading to do!

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