Our Poor Pooches!


We have four pets:

– a 10 year old, 12 lb cat who is very affectionate but has an unfortunate skin condition which causes her hair to clump and fall out if we don’t get her cortisone shots regularly. Oh – and she has a big saggy belly that swings back and forth when she walks. She’s black and white and my sister calls her Shamu. My sister can be mean.

– a 4 year old, 6lb miniature dachsund/chihuahua mix who thinks he’s the biggest dog on the planet and is a snuggle-bunny

– an almost 9 year old, 67 lb Golden retriever who grayed very early in the face but still thinks she’s a puppy

– a 99 lb Golden retreiver (she’s from the same litter as the other one) who’s actually lost 7 lbs but has arthritis so bad that we’ve just put her on $100 a month medicine to treat. You’d think she was 20 years old the way she has a hard time getting around. She’s very sweet though.

Anyway – this is what a happy dog looks like:

And this is what our dogs look like:

Kind of hard to tell that they’re Golden Retreivers, huh? We took them to the groomer today to have their coats shaved back and give them a “summer cut” since it gets very hot around here during the summer. The vet said it takes about 4 months to grow back in so we thought we’d better get it done early in the summer rather than wait too late and have them not have an adequate coat this fall. We’ve never had them shaved before so we thought we were doing a good thing.

Our dogs must hate us. When the groomer brought them out Hubby and I laughed for 10 minutes straight. They look utterly rediculous. You can’t even tell that they’re Golden Retrievers! We thought they would shave them down to the length of the hair on the very top of their heads – not down to the skin. They have fur on their faces, tops of their heads and their tails. I hope they’re cool this summer! The worst part was these stupid haircuts cost us $200!!!

My poor, poor dogs…


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  1. Aww, pitiful things! They’re gonna get cold until it warms up a little more! Where did you take them? We got Rigby groomed at Pampered Pets while we were in Europe, and they cut off all her whiskers! I didn’t think that was standard practice. Poor girl was so stubbly, but they’ve finally grown out a bit.

  2. My understanding is that groomers should never do anything to an animal’s whiskers. That’s very strange.

    Our vet has an adjacent grooming and boarding business together with their offices so we took them there. It is what they consider a “summer cut” but it just caught us off guard.

    They have the run of the yard and garage during the day and we keep them in the garage at night so they shouldn’t get cold. They just look so goofy!

  3. Poor doggies!! This blog made me laugh out loud which isn’t the most comfortable thing when recovering from a c-section, ha ha. 🙂

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