I think Hubby loves dog more than me…


This morning I’m running late for work (will wonders never cease?) and I’m standing in the den ironing my pants (which I hate and try to avoid at all costs). Hubby walks into the kitchen and starts rattling around so I assume he’s making one of his gross shake things that he usually drinks for breakfast so I don’t pay much attention to him.

I’m standing there and look over and notice he’s made pancakes. He didn’t mention having made any for me which is alright as I’m running late anyway. But then, I hear him say “Wait a minute honey. It’s still too hot.” I look at him and see he has made the DOG a pancake!!! He didn’t make or even offer to make a pancake for HIS WIFE but he’s made one for the dog?!?!?! I tell him I can’t believe he’s done that. He doesn’t see what the big deal is.

I guess it wouldn’t really be that big a deal if Hubby snuggled with me rather than the dog (yes – the dog sleeps, not only in the bed, but in between the two of us AND under the covers) and he’ll walk through the room and stop and love on the dog and continue to walk past me without a glance.

Does this hurt my feelings? Yes – I have to admit it does. I’d come to accept that Hubby wasn’t “lovey-dovey” or affectionate but I never doubted he loved me so I got used to it. Apparently, if I weighed 6 lbs and had black fur he’d fall all over himself for me. Who knew?


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  1. This is sooo true. Heath lets that “dog” do things to him that Jennifer would NEVER be allowed to do. He has stated that if he dies, the dog WILL be allowed at visitation. If the dog dies 1st then he will have the dog buried w/him when he dies. I told Jennifer that if he bought 2 burial plots, that she should not assume that one of them is for her. He then confirmed my suspicion to Jennifer.

  2. Okay Tatr, I know you don’t think it’s too funny and I can definitely see how it would hurt your feelings sometimes (it would mine), but it was funny to read what he did.

    Maybe it’s easier for him to be that way with the dog, because he never questions him or talks back, haha.

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