My Funky House


Yes – FINALLY – a new post. Hopefully at least a few of you are still hanging around to check the blog. I don’t think we’ve ever let the blog go this long without a new post and for that, I sincerely apologize. Life has been CRAZY. I’ll post about each of the events that have kept me so busy but for now, I have to whine about my gross house.

My sister got married this past weekend and we had 11 out of town family members come. Some of these people have never been to our town so it was the first time that many of them had seen my house. So, last week, I stayed up and CLEANED the entire house from top to bottom. I HATE cleaning but I did it anyway and I’m proud to say that it looked very nice when all the family got here.

It is not so nice after the wrath of the family has gone, however. Stuff was dumped all over my house, drinks were spilled and I had sticky spots on several of my floors. There was some unidentifiable spot on my couch cushion, there was food everywhere. My table and countertops were filthy. There were stacks of pots and pans that needed to be washed on my counter and in the sink. And the trash! My can has about 5 bags stacked precariously over the top of the can. When I got home this afternoon, I snapped a couple shots to show you guys what had to be done:

My den and kitchen:

* floors are sticky
* there are loads of items that are just sitting about that need to be put away
* the couch cushion needs to be cleaned
* pots need to be washed & put away
* dishes need to be put away & dirty ones loaded
* trash needs to be taken out
* counters probably could stand to be sandblasted

My bathroom:

* trash needs to be taken out

* coutner & sink wiped off

* floor needs to be mopped

* About 3 loads of towels need to be washed

My bedroom:
*the piles of clothes need to be hung in the closet
* the piles of stuff need to be returned to the store
* the bins in the closet are full of dirty clothes
* I won’t even pretend that the bed will be made

So, I started cleaning as soon as I took these pics – about 10 minutes till 5:00. I finally stopped to make some dinner at about 8:30. And in case you were wondering, no, I still didn’t make the bed. I didn’t clean my scrapbook room either. But, I got everything else done and I’m so happy to have it all done. Oh, I do have to give Hubby credit though – he cleaned whatever the mystery spot was on the couch cushion 🙂


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  1. I think that it is funny that your daughter turned 18 (wow do you feel old?) and your sister got married and all you see fit to post on your blog is pictures of your dirty house?


  2. Is the above post in sarcasm? If not, it’s kind of hateful! You’re a better woman than I. I can’t seem to get motivated to clean to that degree, but I guess if my house were that dirty as a result of other people, I might get my lazy butt up to clean it. Looking forward to your other posts, when you have time!

  3. Since the first post was from my sister – I’d say it could be interpreted either way. Especially, since she’s the sister who got married.

  4. I am her sister so I can be sarcastic! I just wanted to see pictures of me!!! ME, ME, ME! It’s ALL about me damnit!

  5. I hate to clean like that, have a party or guests and then everything’s messed up again. I’m like “don’t touch anything it’s all clean”. That’s not what I say, but it’s what I think.

    I’m also always concientious when I’m at other people’s homes to not be too messy because I don’t like that.

  6. Haha! I’m glad the post wasn’t from some real anonymous blogger who was getting snarky. If I were your sister, I’d want to see a blog post about my wedding, too!

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