Several Things


* Ick – back to work. I was off yeaterday for Memorial Day so at least I got a 3 day weekend. I really need to work about 2 day work weeks and have 5 day weekends. Perhaps then I will be able to get all that I need to get done, actually done.

* I started my diet and exercise regimen this morning. I will admit publicly that I have to lose about 57 lbs. EEEKKKKKKK! To think of that huge number is horrible and seems almost impossible for someone with my lack of drive and my lazy streak. I think I’ll take it in 10 lb. increments. So, correction, for the next couple weeks, I need to lose 10 lbs. And I need to repeat that cycle about 5 and a half times. Lord, help me!

* Thoughts on the following e-mail from a friend of mine:
A friend of mine went into her husband’s email without his knowledge (he had left himself logged in on their computer) and found some things she didn’t want to see. Apparently, he had been getting girls, from where she didn’t know, to send dirty pictures of themselves. Her husband’s somewhat of a jerk, though, so it really didn’t surprise me. She confronted him about this, and he said he didn’t know where they came from and that maybe his account had been hacked and that spam had been put in there somehow. She said that she still thinks he’s lying but feels really bad about looking in there in the first place. I told her that I thought that she shouldn’t feel bad, because there shouldn’t be any secrets once you’re married. I would give my husband any password right this second so that he could read every single one of my emails or myspace messages. I don’t know his passwords but would expect him to do the same. So…..what do you and your blog readers think? Was she in the wrong, even though she found those pictures?

For me, honestly, I’d be pissed as hell. There is no lame-ass excuse he could give me that would make me believe his explanation. I wouldn’t feel bad for having looked at them. I’d be too busy kicking his ass to the curb. Thoughts?

* I hate it when they have tip jars at places with counter service. Hubby and I went to a subway place, Jersey Mike’s, for lunch last week. You walk up to the counter, tell them what you want, and they make your sandwhich for you. At the register, you get the delight of paying about $17.00 for two sub sandwhiches. Their sandwhiches are really fresh and good so we justify the cost occassionally. What I can’t justify is your expecting me to give you a tip for your services. $17 bucks is enough for 2 sandwhiches and you didn’t do anything but stand over there and do your job. You didn’t bring the food to my table, get me any napkins, serve my drink, get me a refill or so much as even carry the food to my table. WHY would I tip you? There are tip jars at ice cream places and other “counter service” places near us. Have these people lost their minds? Let me clarify too – I am a good tipper. Usually between 18 and 20% in most places. It’s not that I don’t tip; it’s more the expectation of a tip for poor, or in these cases, no services above and beyond what you’re supposed to provide.

* I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go on vacation. I’d love to go to the beach and just lay at the pool for about two weeks. You see, I don’t like to swim in the ocean. I like to swim and lay out by the pool and look and listen to the ocean. Do you know how many books I could read in two weeks? Probably a dozen. Valeen could probably read two dozen! Instead, I went to Target yesterday to get a float so I could put it in my hot tub (we’ve turned the heater off) so at least I can be floating on water and hopefully get a little tiny bit of a tan. Hubby told me we had a float in the garage that I should use instead. Ggrrrr. But I agreed. We’ve been “discussing” my credit card bill. UGH!

* I have imposed a one year moratorium against buying any books or scrapbook stuff (except adhesives). Some of you may scoff at the notion of my actually doing this but I have witnesses that I have done that once before with scrapbook stuff and was, actually, successful. This does not include, however, the two books that I have already pre-ordered. The final Harry Potter and the next Jude Deveraux book that comes out in July. If Jude comes out with a new book in December, I’ll probably make an exception for that book as well if I don’t get it for a gift for my birthday or Christmas.

Whew! This post makes up for about a week of not posting before, okay?


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  1. So for the year without buying scrapbook stuff, is that the rest of this calendar year or is it until this time next year? You know I think you are crazy, right?

    On the topic of your friends e-mail, she should not feel bad for looking on his computer. As you said, nothing should be kept from a spouse and if there is something that you are keeping secret, there is a reason. It’s because you know it is inappropriate.

  2. No buying books or scrapbook stuff until May of next year. It’s no coincidence that this is about the time the convention will be back in town.

  3. Re: weight loss…if you go slow and steady, you’ll do great! Don’t go overboard, because it’ll come right back. The 5-6 small meals a day thing with 45 mins to an hour of exercise 4-5 days a week has worked for me so far. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  4. the friend should be checking on hubby’s activities for awhile because if they are cruising on the internest then how long will it be before they start cruising for women in real life? Pretty dangerous if you ask me. Also let the hubby know that it is not acceptable behavior to her.

    Chelle Scoby

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