My Sister-In-Law Got a Doozy of a Surprise!!!


Several months ago my sister-in-law’s (SIL) neighbor (we’ll call her Sue) asked if she could have something sent to her house. SIL was thinking perhaps Sue wasn’t going to be home and didn’t think much else of it so she said yes. As an afterthought SIL asked Sue what it was. Sue sort of stammered and hemmed and hawed and never gave her a straight answer. SIL thought this was a little weird but didn’t think much else of it. She never got any packages for her so she forgot about it. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, SIL gets home and there is a package on her front porch from DHL (shipping service). She takes it inside a little perplexed as she hasn’t ordered anything but it’s got her name and address on it so she openes it. Inside is prescription bottle from some on-line pharmacy. The prescription has her name on it! SIL gets very upset. How in the world could this have happened? Well, we start searching around and think we know what has happened:

It appears Sue has become addicted to prescription drugs and for whatever reason she can’t get the drugs she wants in her name any longer. So, she pulled some old business forms from a couple years ago when she was going to help SIL with something that has all her personal info – SSN, date of birth, etc. She goes to one of those quack on-line doctors and fills out a request for “XYZ” drug and the doctor reviews the medical information and writes a prescription for you without ever having seen, examined, or even spoken with you in person. You send the prescription to an on-line pharmacy who fills it without asking many questions. You have it sent to your neighbor, in her name and at her address, and watch for a delivery person. You run over there and snatch it off her portch before she is even aware that anything is going on. This is what we think has happened.

So, last evening we get on the internet and try to track down this doctor. We find addresses for him in Regina Saskatchewan (Canada), Victoria British Columbia (Canada) and Silver Springs Maryland. We call the phone number listed for Regina and he has never worked there. The phone number listed for MD is disconnected and we can’t locate an address or anything for Victoria. We call the pharmacy which we discover is physically located in Kansas (and finding that phone number was a doozy!) and they say all the information is confidential and won’t tell us anything. We call the state of TN Board of Pharmacies to see what we should do and they say the only thing they can do is go after the pharmacy for not having a license to mail drugs to the state of TN. So, we call the KS state board of pharmacies and they were supposed to have someone call us back but never did. We call the pharmacy again and tell them that we’ve already talked to two state boards and this situation was very serious. We want a copy of that prescription, how the purchase was paid for, and want to know if they have any other prescriptions in SIL’s name. They tell us a manager will us back. Guess what – we’ve never gotten that phone call either. We’re calling the pharmacy back today but SIL is taking all the stuff down to the police and reporting apparent identity theft for this.

Some people are CRAZY!!! What would you do if this happened to you? Just throw them away and forget about it? I told her that once we’ve gone through all the official steps with reporting it, I would confront Sue. I would go over and knock on her door and simply say “Did you have some pills sent to my house” really nonchalantly and see what she says. When she says yes, I would tell her I’ve filed a police report for identity theft, reported them to the state and flushed all the pills down the commode and she better not ever pull a stunt like that again. Hubby doesn’t think she should confront Sue but if she doesn’t, what’s going to stop Sue from pulling this again???



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  1. “Sue” is a crack whore who is using SIL as her drug pimp. SIL should prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!

  2. She should definitely confront Sue to let her that she shouldn’t do it again. But won’t Sue be coming to her house soon asking for the pills, anyway? Maybe she should wait a couple of weeks until she has more information on the matter and see if Sue comes over asking for her drugs–then let her have it at that time. By then, your SIL will have calmed down to a rational level. She should refer Sue to a drug treatment place. What drug was it? Oxycontin? Just being nosey.

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