Serving Sizes


I’ve started dieting and exercising (again). Today, I went home for lunch and decided I’d have a can of chicken noodle soup. I pop it in the microwave and I look at the label to write down the nutritional information and I look at the serving size. 1/2 cup. How many servings in a can? 2.5.

If you have a measuring cup nearby please grab it. Look at 1/2 cup. WHO ON EARTH WOULD EAT 1/2 CUP OF SOUP AND BE FULL?!?!? I’m not talking about people who have had gastric bypass surgery and can only eat 4 oz at a time. I mean normal people who should consume 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day.

If there are 2.5 servings in a can, WHY do they show someone pouring the whole can in a bowl and sitting down to eat it with crackers and a drink on the commercials??? Are there 1.5 people hiding behind them to share this meal?

WHY can’t people just put realistic labels on food? Everyone knows that people eat a whole freakin’ can of soup. I’m not talking about the extra large Chunky cans or the Progresso cans. I mean one regulal ol’ can of soup. Yes, I know you’re supposed to add 1 can of water but I don’t – I only add 1/2 can because I like it more flavorful.

I’m just saying, let’s get REAL people!!!


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  1. LOL! I know what you mean. Sometimes I look at the labels and it says two when you know there is just enough for one. Then other times there is enough for 3 and the label says 1!

    Crazy. Love the layout!

  2. The only place these true serving sizes come in handy is if you are trying to eat based on the food pyramid. It says 6 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day (or whatever the amount is) and you are thinking there is no way to get that many in then you realize one banana is considered 2 servings! Who knew?!

  3. Maybe it says that because you’re supposed to add a can of water to soup, so it adds some volume to the serving size but no additional calories?

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