My Assistant


My assistant, Tim, is the funniest person on the planet. Really and truly. This was an exchange that transpired between him and my daughter today:

B “Tim, what’s wrong with your toenail?”
Tim “What do you mean?”
B “Why is it yellow”
Tim “Oh, it’s probably a fungus”
B “You know, you can go to my nail place and get a pedicure for $20”
Tim (without even a second’s hesitation) “Or, I could not give a shit for free”

He helps make my day go by.


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  1. His full name is Tim Tim Tim Filipe(a small chinese man)LaCunta Lasher Estep Schwarz AKA “The Mummy Man” and that is how he would like to be addressed from this point forward!
    It takes all of them to do the job that I do all by myself!

    I am tha’ bomb!

    Love Michelle

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