I’m Back and in Pain!


We had a great mini-vacation to the mountains. Oh, and I brought back some souvenirs – 59 mosquito bites. And no – this isn’t an exageration – I literally counted all of them because I was going crazy. Mosquitoes LOVE me. I’ve read that they are attracted to people with a certain pH level and I, apparently, have it. They never touch my Hubby and rarely bother my daughter but they LUVRE me.

For the last day or so I was using Cortaid’s spray which was nice because you don’t have to touch them at all which makes them itch worse. About noon today I thought I would go out of my mind for wanting to scratch. Hubby reminded me I should take some Benadryl (and I could have KICKED myself for not thinking of it sooner!) and that gave me a little more relief. I used this stick called “After Bite” which has amonia in it which feels good because it’s so cold but that relief didn’t last long. After that I slathered myself in calamine lotion. Yes – I have almost 60 pink spots on my arms and legs BUT I finally have some relief!!!

I’ll post tomorrow about the trip and hopefully include some pics.


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  1. At the risk of making you HATE me…

    Mosquitoes don’t like me. Oh, they’ll bite me if I’m the only hiker stranded in the swamp. But put one other person in the vicinity and they abandon me for greener pastures.

    Try some good old solarcaine. It has lidocaine in it, so it makes your skin numb, at least temporarily.

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