New Kitchen Paint


I’ve been meaning to put up this photo for two weeks now. I painted my kitchen. And I hate painting. Ugh. I even had to do all the trim because it was in quite bad shape once I got looking at it.

But I can say I did this all by myself and only got a minimal amount of paint on the ceiling. And really you can only see it if you look straight up. LOL

Finally found the before picture, although this one is several years old.

And here’s my new gold kitchen. Much cheerier than it was before. I need a new floor now.

I didn’t realize till now that my counters look incredibly bare so I’m going to have to start looking for little bits to add to them. With the other blah colour on the wall it didn’t seem to matter but now that space inbetween the counter and cupboard seems to really stand out.

And then a fourth wall in sage green:


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  1. I love the colors. It looks very cheerful and happy. I bet you’re awful proud that you did it by yourself, huh?

    Good job!

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