So Jen and I have decided that we’d like to add our scrapbooking layouts up here on our blog. I’ve searched through Blogger’s webpage looking for a photoalbum add-on to no avail. I’ve noticed that alot of other srappers use Typepad as it offers a photoalbum as an added bonus. Acutally I’ve noticed Typepad offers loads of other add-ons as well, or at least I’m assuming it comes directly from typepad when I see them on other scrap blogs.

So for now, as I have to just use Blogger, we are going to post them regular-like and tag them. Hopefully add the Tag to the side border and when its clicked on then you can see the scrapbooking pages.

No idea if it will actually work but will try it out for now. Another option is to use Flickr but I’m not a huge fan of having to use several different websites to get I want.

So here, we’ll try it out with labels. This is my family tree that I’ve been working on for the past year or so.


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  1. Michelle says… Your page looks great! I also loved the difference in your kitchen! I will post some pics of my house when it gets done. I will also post some pages of the wedding when I get a few done!

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