More Scrapbook Layouts


I had another fairly crafty weekend! I went to a scrapook crop Friday night for about 6 hours and am very pleased with what I got accomplished! Especially when you consider I had several friends there and we spent half the time talking, laughing, and gossiping (not to mention our short trip to McDonalds). Here are some layouts:

I love this picture of my nephew and my new nephew (my sister married his dad about a month ago). They are standing in my den looking out the window to my backyard. See what they’re standing in? Those are my dog’s and cat’s beds!! Boys are so silly.

This is my other nephew. He’s 15 now and this has always been one of my favorite photos of him.

This is a layout I did with my mother-in-law’s engagement announcement. I scanned the original newpaper clipping and reprinted it on archival quality cardstock and photoshopped the yellow color out. I was working on a project a couple years ago about using everyday household objects in scrapbooking. Notice that I’ve used primarily sewing notions on this layout.

This layout used primarily office supplies. The big square in the bottom corner is actually a plastic CD cover. Oh, and yes, I had a mullet but it was 1985 – EVERYONE had a mullet!

Again, I used sewing notions on this page from my high school graduation.

Okay, I TOTALLY “scraplifted” this layout from pg. 35 of the February 2007 issue of Creating Keepsakes. I dont’ care – I still LOVE it! This is my little sister (the same one I’m holding in the 1985 pic) and my Godson.

Another layout with my Godson. Excuse the rediculous haircut – his father had that done.

Layout with one of those cheesy tourist photos. Not too bad considering my daughter is wearing fishnet stockings, a garter, and holding a bottle of whiskey and a pistol!

A quick layout I did of my mom. I wanted to keep this one simple and I like how it turned out. I find I rarely use stickers anymore but I loved these.

A super simple layout of my Godson. I loved the elephant paper – it was too cute!

Several months ago Bridgette and I went to Target to get her a lapdesk for her laptop so she can sit on her bed and use it. It was in the toy department by the Play-dough and my teenager decided she wanted to play with some. Don’t really know why but I figure there are worse things an almost 18 year old could be doing with her time so I indulged her. She sat in the den for over an hour – goofball!

This layout took me about 5 minutes. It’s mostly just a clear overlay with the writing on it and I added a couple of the curly things in the corners.

I also made a card for a friend and wrapped all that but I’ll save thsoe pics for tomorrow.


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