I Made Another Purse!!!


When I bought the stuff to make my first purse, I also bought stuff to make two others. Since the first one took me about twelve hours to make (and I had help from my mom too), I’ve not been too motivated to attempt to make another one. Well, tonight I came home from work and decided I wanted to make another one. It only took me 3 hours!!! I’m so SO PROUD of myself! Here’s the finished product:

I made this one more of a bucket style (with a cat’s eye shaped bottom) so the bag would stay open and sit up. I used fun summer colors. I even used some super retro embellishements – see the little green trim at the top with the little balls on it? Very 1970’s, huh? I thought it looked good with the paisley material. Kind of an updated 70’s look. The handles are just really wide ribbon. I doubled it up and just sewed it down the middle with contrasting blue thread to hold them together and thought this would give the straps a little more strength.

Here’s the inside:

I didn’t do a center divider like last time but I still wanted pockets so I used the bottoms that I cut off a pair of blue jeans that I hemmed. I thought they looked really good with the blue on the material. I have to have a place to keep my chapstick assortment and my cell phone. So, purse #2 and it took me about 1/4 the time the first one did! Hooray!!!

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  1. Michelle says…

    Love the purse I want one you should sell them or something to friends and family or you should give them as gifts so you can tailor the purse to their personality!

  2. That is fab. But are the handles satin ribbon? I worry that won’t stand up to use.

    Yes, I’ll bet your friends would love purses made for them. I’d love one, and I’m just some random surf-by. You got skillz, you could do refash too.

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