Busy Weekend


I got crafty again today! There are several family friends who’ve been having some health problems so I sat down today and made some cards:

This card was the first time I had used the paisley stamp on top of the diamond paper and I LOVE the way it looks!

This one is for a woman in her 80’s who’s in rehab so, although a little hokey, I thought it appropriate for her.

This last one is for a guy who’s starting chemo for pancreatic cancer. My friend Robin and I are going to be fasting and praying for him tomorrow. I’ve never fasted before so wish me luck that I totally forget about food for the day, okay?


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  1. I really love that first card–I’m crazy about paisley prints. Cool! I wish I’m as creative as you are but alas, not true. :o)

  2. Michelle says…

    I think that you should make those cards for people who are healthy and can enjoy them… Ever done a “I’m glad you are NOT sick” card?
    I’m not sick, you can send me one! 🙂 you are very thoughtful for personalizing cards to the people you know. Hope I never get one though cause that means I’m sick. You should make bithday cards and make purses for presents!

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