These Two Were Married?!?!?


I know people are supposed to be politically correct and all but SERIOUSLY?!?!? Yes, not surprisingly, this is a famous man. He is controversial author Salman Rushdie (he penned 1989’s The Satanic Verses which called the Muslim leader at the time to order his death for blasphemy) and she’s “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi.

Certainly, I’ve never met nor do I know much about either of these persons but, I’m going to take a guess at what she was thinking on her wedding day… “$$”. I’m sorry but YUCK!!! I wouldn’t let this guy touch me with a ten foot pole. He’s like 60 and I think she’s in her 20’s. Just eewwwww. I feel like I need a shower.


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  1. Maybe he was madly in love with her and she just wanted his money. Maybe he was a sadistic bastard who deserves to be alone. Maybe she was just a crazy bitch. My bet is that he loved her youth & beauty and that she loved his fame & money.

  2. Hey he was quite the rebel with a fatwa against him by the Ayatollah back in the day for his “Satanic Verses”. There’s something to be said about the animal magnetism of a rebel.

    But yeah, you know he’s going for youth and body.

    Bet she’s fooling around with TOM COLICCHIO! (I love that show!)

  3. You’re totally missing out on how brilliant he is! He’s an author–he makes me weep! Intellectual and artistic. When they married he was 56 and she was 32–still a huge age gap, but much different than 60s and 20.

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