Amazing Book & Website


A few years ago, I bought this book:

Basically, you’re supposed to write a secret you’ve never told anyone else on a homemade postcard. The secret can be funny, poignant, sad and sometimes, scary. I remember one the person wrote that someone was in prison for something they had done.

It’s an amazing book. Reading people’s deepest secrets; things they’ve never told anyone else. Sort of being like a voyeur.

They are coming out with a sequel soon and I’m going to buy it too. There’s also a website:

You should check it out. VERY interesting.


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  1. Oh wow, I’d love that book.

    I checked out the website. There’s no way to look at archives? Or did the blog just open up?

  2. No – you can’t look at the archives 😦 But I think they update the postcards about once a week so there’s new ones pretty often.

  3. I LOVE PostSecret. There are actually like 2 other books My Secret: A PostSecret Book and The Secret life of Men and Women: A PostSecret book. Plus the new one in October, can’t wait for it to come out! The whole concept is REALLY interesting! With everyone I interact with I find myself wondering what their postcard would say….fascinating stuff!

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