Border Screenings


This is a headline article on Yahoo this morning:

Few confident of border security

Now … as a Canadian living almost on the border to US, therefore am frequently travelling across the lines for simply things like gas and milk, I know that as a Canadian with identification I do not have any problems crossing that border. Yes, my trunk gets opened and my license plate run and a few questions asked. But it is simple. (its actually harder for us to get BACK into Canada most times).

NOW, those Americans who think the border patrol is lacking … well they should try being any other nationality besides Amercian or Canadian and packing across that border. Its hard. I have friends, and a step-father, who are landed immigrants to Canada. Complete with a Immigration card (looks like a drivers license). And its hell and time-consuming for them to get into the US. Sometimes it takes hours to get through because you have to wait in line, then are finger printed and photos are taken. Questions up the ying yang are asked and it has to happen every single time these immigrants pass the border – even though they hold Canadian Immigration cards. PLUS!!! there’s a FEE for all of this for them. A FEE to get into the United States, for the “processing” if you are not American or Canadian.

Really, yes, I agree, if you hold an American or Canadian passport, then the US border patrol can be a bit lacking. But they have most definitely stepped up the security on anyone else trying to enter that country. Just you don’t see it.

OR at least in my opinion.


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